“Cheering For Me Now” by John Kander and Lin-Manuel Miranda

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    Stream It: Atlantic.lnk.to/CheeringForMeNowID
    Music: John Kander
    Lyrics: Lin-Manuel Miranda
    Director: Oz Rodriguez
    Producer: Adriana Perez
    Production co: Mary Clare Plaschke
    DP: Andy Kugler
    Editor: Danny Garcia

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    1. Edgy loves Steve

      Lin what are you doing with my wig? >:,0

    2. Remdog 2891

      When I first heard this, I honestly thought the video would be “Rain On My Parade” with Lin having suitcases cheerfully dancing around the stage

    3. Space Dorito


    4. Neptune Fliers

      Was Lin sitting on this song/video until now? I mean he still has his hair. It doesn't look like a wig. Did he record this before he left the show?

    5. anaisabel orozco

      we need a 5 hour hamilton production with every cut song including this one

    6. Eliza Glembin

      I'm so proud of him, I've always cheered for you and never will not. Lin, you give me life. And always make me smile when I'm down. Never change, love you ❤️

    7. Layla Mayet

      I want to be his microphone

    8. Bentzion Rine

      love this

    9. Ava Hamric

      As someone who is too poor to have ever seen Lin perform on Broadway, it's cool to see all his expressions as Hamilton

    10. Snevillus Snape

      2:39 My toast is buttered My skin is cleared My depression is cured

    11. Valenchu


    12. Spiritfox

      oop there goes my wig

    13. t e s s a

      Lin: *raps* Me: *i sleep* Lin: *raps some more with a little singing* Me: *i still sleep* Lin: *sings* Me: Real shit?

    14. _ NoriSki _

      [Intro] So they’re cheering for me now In the streets, hear them cheering for me now Right up Broadway, they’re cheering for me now And one day, all the enemies I’ve made might hold their own parade But not today [Verse 1] I came here with nothing Like hundreds before me And millions behind me You know you can find me in New York Where everyone’s different But share the same island Polluted and loud But you’re safe in the crowd Here in New York [Bridge] Today it’s my city Tomorrow, who knows? Today we’re a country Let’s see how that goes [Verse 2] Upstate doesn’t trust us They’re safe in their sameness They’re scared of what’s strange But each corner means change Here in New York Where else can you wander And hear every language We fight like a marriage Then share the same carriage We suffer the weather We bind and we tether This nation together [Verse 3] I’m just getting started And time’s of the essence I can’t say I’ve made it But I’d never trade it They’ve thrown a parade Ha! In my New York [Outro] Cheering for me now Can you hear them cheering for me now?

    15. marshy lume

      Le gasp

    16. Hannah Vest

      I realized many of my friends are Hamilton fans and we're planning to see Mary Poppins Returns on opening night. This is out now. All is good in Hamiltrash world.

    17. Brenduh :

      ugh what i will do to get the boot of him and julia 😭😭😭 i can’t wait !!!

    18. Brenduh :

      this is very gay , very ... broadway. i would not be shocked to heere this in a musical.

    19. Anonymous Black

      He's been gone so long, he's been so far gone, his voice was lost under a lyrical bond. He's finally back, his voice is such a relief beyond belief of raised brows... Ha... WE'RE CHEERING FOR HIM NOW!

    20. Jelah Fowler

      Wow...... Amazing.

    21. BaguetteCult14 Lafayette Hamilton

      This song made me fell in love more with NYC

    22. Judy Finn

      Why have I never heard this before!!?!?

    23. Anything Animations

      *DabS* *BOOM 1K LIKES*

    24. Samara Knight

      I love how this gives me old Hollywood vibes. Anyone else?

    25. Cheyenne Skipper

      Sweeney Todd vibes but less murder. I like it.

    26. Kaitlin O'Neill

      Would have loved for this to be the opening for Act 2. No offense to the wonderfully talented Daveed Diggs!

    27. Justin Travalik

      This was an Ad.. Best 3 minute Ad ever...

    28. The Garnet

      This kinda sounds like a song from “ Sweeney Todd “

    29. seasmell


    30. Unusual Walnut

      That moment you realize that Lin doesn’t have a Snapchat....

    31. Lps Sam & Olivia

      **looks up lin manuel miranda** **sees this as an ad** **clicks** **turns it up all the way**

    32. anna gerlach

      this sounds like it should be in in the heights instead of hamilton

    33. Val and Brit

      Add 👏this 👏back👏in👏

    34. I like fnaf Kewl

      I love dis

    35. peachy cutie

      Sometimes I wonder if reincarnation is real and Lin Manuel Miranda is a reincarnation of Alexander Hamilton and he was telling his own story and like, this song is him being like "yall I was successful and remembered hAH"

    36. Jessicatzen

      Listened approximately 20 times *in the past week*

    37. Ptaradactle Time

      I think lin tried to condense all the broadway into one song

    38. Andrea Bishop

      2:45 - Is that Lin's dad??? This song is amazing.

    39. gruviafanfairytail Nightcore


    40. LeDemooon

      I still can't get over this, and I don't know if I ever will be ever to

    41. TheLaurenn09

      This is actually beautiful. I can’t describe it as anything else it’s just beautiful.

    42. Gacha Kianny Cutie

      I so ashamed of myself for watching this a WEEK later but this i awesome love you Lin

    43. ShadowWolf PRODUCSHONS


    44. ew wtf

      FUCK YES

    45. Night time Nursery

      I didn’t even read the title I just saw Lin so I clicked

      1. ShadowWolf PRODUCSHONS

        Night time Nursery lol so right

    46. LAMS Ham


    47. Kathleen Samos

      HAMILTON'S BACK! I told you you'd be back...

    48. BioHazerd


    49. BioHazerd

      It's nice to see him in his Hamilton attire.

    50. Alena Arroyo

      this is my favorite song