AGNEZ MO - Overdose (ft. Chris Brown) [Official Music Video]



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    Publicado em 2 meses atrás


    1. Gilmarzin Santos

      Muito top 👊🖒

    2. FAM AHMAD

      Go to 11 M

    3. auwa coffee

      waw lama viwersnya

    4. Andii Irawann

      Up up

    5. Lewis Purba

      Up up

    6. Fara Swastika

      nyai akhirnya this song masuk chart Billboard...congrast yesss.... nyai maaf yess gw agak jarang stream busy ngejob....but dont g akan berhenti send doa buat u.... love u nyai... ❤❤💋💋

    7. NelsonB Musik

      Chris brown is one of my favourites artists...plz watch this

    8. m.hugo.sulistyo

      Agnez duet sama anneth dong di indonesian idol junior, sebagai utang ke anneth di TVKI buat nyanyi listen

    9. Feber Lisma

      Love song💕

    10. yusrianto yus

      mungkin kak agnez harus ngurangin durasi storynya biar gak cepat bosen dan kelamaan videonya

    11. Riston Simarmata

      Love u Agnezmo

    12. Riston Simarmata

      Agnezmo 😘😍😘

    13. Hendrifan Purba

      BB shayyyyyy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    14. yuddie tjoan

      Musik video berikutnya jangan ada story nya dong... langsung aja action kelamaan Nontonnya....

    15. blane brake

      So unique couple💕

    16. Ade Sarya

      Tepat sudah hari ini 2 bulan 😊

    17. Muhammad Khoirul Anam

      Yaah.. kok udah sepi..

    18. Januardo S

      OVERDOSE is charting on Billboard with 3 category: -Billboard Mixshow Airplay #30 -Billboard Mainstream R&B/HipHop #28 (+10) -Billboard R&B/HipHop Airplay #43 (debuted) 👏👏👏

    19. AGNEZ MO Worldwide

      OVERDOSE remix is out on all platforms. Stream it now 😘

    20. auwa coffee


    21. dhik jho


    22. Muhammad Syahril

      From arab

    23. Karen de Aquino

      Finalmente entrou no chat Billboard R&b/hiphop Airplay #43 ❤ 10.584.000 ❤

    24. gf city

      agnez mo from hong kong right??

      1. Sarah Yunita

        She's from Indonesia


      Cool Chris


      @t @t mon artiste de tout lafrique

    27. Billy Ruita

      Wow i love

    28. Lina Roma

      WOW KEREN AGNEZ SHE is very talent and best indonesia singer💖💎

    29. Mohd Miqdamj

      The song and the video. No relation at all boo

    30. Selvia Caniago


    31. teuku irfan

      yang hampir tiap hari dengerin di joox 👆

    32. auwa coffee

      wih seret viwers

    33. Dyamanti22

      Everybody knows, that Chris Brown is fighting his demons. Like many otherd in Hollywood and outside , artists being used by the enemy while they mislead the audiences with their provacative dance moves, shows, acts, movies, fotoshoots, magazine covers, fake wilde but actually dumb one liners, and other products and make-up and fashion and fake religious flashy lifestyles. Misleading the world into damnation, artists so dumbed down and being bewitcheded not knowing, they are being mislead. If you are not, giving your LIFE to Christ, living by His word. Fulltime commited. Then I don't know what you are doing with your LIFE. I really don't.

    34. Dyamanti22

      I though the girl was Jude Demorest from the Lee Daniels Show "Star".

    35. Lee Brand

      She killed so bad that l forgot that Chris was on the song

    36. M. sham

      Stuck di 10 juta

    37. hilma chan Cell

      Yg komen udh bkn orng indo lgi:v

    38. Brian Kumeroa

      🔥 😰

    39. Hervé Sossou

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    40. sunn sunn

      10 million views

    41. Ezzaardy  Arsy

      Kok saya lebih rindu dengan lagu lagu aqnes yg slow dengan sejuta penghayatan,,,, tapi tetap salud dengan perjalanan karirnya ,,,tetap berharap budaya timurnya di sanjung tanpa harus kebarat baratan

    42. Amita

      I used to wonder why CB always has an Asian female in his videos over a pretty black female. I understand it now. He knows that Asians are like the largest population in the world so he purposely makes a point of having an Asian female to attract more viewers. Largest population=largest viewers Bastard is quite clever.

      1. Septian Candra

        Doesnt make sense at all. What about black people in America and in the entire Africa? You should have left your brain in the toilet as it doesnt work. Throw it in the closet thooooo lol

    43. Azzam M


    44. maatla toisetere

      it is hard to watch this and not fall in love with them both❤❤

    45. amar ikmal

      indonesia bitch

      1. Amita

        +Bai Fa I don't think so Indonesia is neighbors with India.

      2. Bai Fa

        Wtf you have problem with us

      3. IndraMahendra

        Malayshit jangan iri ya,

    46. Myla Putri

      I love it💗💗💗💗🇮🇩

    47. Nurfallah Arya

      Why stuck 10m , come on agnationnn

    48. Andii Irawann

      Up up

    49. Andii Irawann

      Up up up