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    “Security in this office park is a joke. Last year, I came to work with my spud-gun in a duffel bag. I sat at my desk all day with a rifle that shoots potatoes at 60 pounds per square inch. Can you imagine if I was deranged?”
    Where would Dunder Mifflin be without the ever-loyal, bear-loving Dwight K. Schrute?
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    1. Kim Miller

      8:26 ASMR 😂

    2. Brianna Nicole

      1:32 😂😂

    3. Ashley Marie

      how could you leave out the identity theft one?!

    4. Ps2 Gamer


    5. Yenvy Vu

      I miss The Office. :(

    6. Connor Mcquade

      That's correct unless there happens to be measles present 😂😂😂😂

    7. Nathan Govea

      Good call on not making him Blackface Stanley

    8. Kunegunda GoRyl

      I always had a hard time pointing out 2nd & 3rd best characters in The Office, because Dwight is ALWAYS No.1 :) I guess I'd put Michael in No.2 and Kevin in No.3, but on other hand, Jim is such an awesome supporting character to Dwight...

    9. Barrett Gilbreath

      the Ben Franklin one gets me every time 😂😂

    10. LStratosphere



      I think Dwight's full metal alchemist reference when he's talking to Jo is one of his funniest scenes him whispering "Are you referring to alchemy? " I'd hilarious to me

    12. InTheLifeOfHermione

      what about when in the Delivery episode, Dwight put up his own police lights and sirens and got pulled over and as he was pulling over, he threw his weapons out the window

    13. Owen Krupp

      you might as well put the entire show on here..

    14. Amelia Turnes

      OMG,th meredith wig lol

    15. Amelia Turnes

      They just stand there watching him throw up on his car........

    16. Amelia Turnes

      Oh my gosh,my mom says i am exactly like Dwight,and i am like seriously?

    17. Jim Halpert

      Sorry Dwight....

    18. only257


    19. Tvd_love_story Evie

      Every episode with Jim and Dwight in (basically every episode) is a great episode so how is this video only 10 minutes and 4 seconds long😂

    20. Viola Sawada

      Who else would sneeze on Dwight?

    21. Jeen

      "Clown paint" 😂

    22. sierra mist

      Jim: your not the manager??? Dwight: I’m the owner ... co owner WITH SATAN!!!!

    23. erm4gundr

      Pam's smiles when Jim pranks Dawight are the most adorable thing.

    24. Alexa Felipe

      what happened to when he set the office on fire or when he cut the face off the dummy that was really funny

    25. M H

      Clown paint🤣

    26. creative name

      you mean: *_the whole show_*

    27. Javï

      4:02 OMFG i'm dying

    28. Kurt Troyer

      The opener where he puts the jack-o-lantern on his head...too funny. Season 8 or 9.

    29. Dead End Productions

      This video should be way longer

    30. Dante Diep

      Whoa, Toby, seven minutes for a mile time is actually really good

    31. Abe north

      Remember when Pam was still a receptionist...

    32. seth connors

      “What are you doing?” “IM KICKING MY OWN ASS!”

    33. oXiDe alt


    34. noneedofusername

      Best character of the series

    35. SSC_MadMan

      What about when Dwight meets Nate? That was the best Dwight scene ever

    36. Aditya mishra

      "Through Concentration I can raise and lower my cholestrol at will" Pam : Why would you want to raise your cholestrol ? " *So I can lower it* "

    37. Wal-Mart brand Clorox bleach

      Interesting thing I learned today is that Dwight(Rainn Wilson) dad lives in my town lol

    38. I give up on life

      In the beginning of the show, (more like everybody season to the last season), I hated Dwight. But, after he proposed to Angela, I loved him so much.

    39. Ricky Veal

      They missed one of my favorite lines from the show: Dwight: “Through concentration, I can raise and lower my cholesterol at will.” Pam: “Why would you want to raise your cholesterol?” Dwight: “So I can lower it” Gets me every time

    40. 1000 subs with no vids

      *Dwight is lit*

    41. E-Z Dubs

      This lifted my spirits to a great level.

    42. I miss XXXTENTACION

      This is art.

    43. Aliya Hassan

      Judas..... Was my best dwight moment

    44. Ya boy Swagman

      I just realized 80,000 divided by 12 is 6,666.66666666

    45. Nahue Stark

      The wiig thing killed me...

    46. THICCBOI

      dude i think u wrote dwight's middle name wrong, i heard its Dwight F. Schrute

    47. Isai Perez

      “I don’t care what Jim says. That is not the Real Ben Franklin! I am 99% sure of it” 😂😂

    48. Isabella C. Correa

      Thanks to this show, every time I hear “question:...” I imagine Dwight.

    49. NuttyNate

      This should have been like 2 hours long...

    50. Micah Leone

      "80 *THOUSAND* dollars a year"