Do Teens Know 2000s Music? #20 (React: Do They Know It?)



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    Do They Know It? #158 - Do Teens Know 2000s Music? #20 (React: Do They Know It?)

    Publicado em 5 meses atrás


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      1. PinkyBearToys

        React to Bratz dolls

      2. Brandon Lewis

        70S ROCK MUSIC

      3. Howa Vision

        React to aaliyah

      4. Travis Pinder

        Since you see my comments...what do i have to do to get on the program

      5. Joseph Parker

        React to Tanto Metro & Devonte

    2. Poppy


    3. Jan Rigby

      I see Green Day I click

    4. Bibek Rajbhandari

      Troy looks like Tfue

      1. Tooth PasteCandy

        Bibek Rajbhandari facts

    5. Tiny Psycho

      On the next one could you use Dilemma by Kelly Rowland featuring Nelly?

    6. Marcus Virgil Salvante

      Teens react to Mariah Carey’s new songs With You & GTFO.

    7. haleypotter417

      Carson's got a good idea, 50/60s jazz music React!

    8. Deborah Rosas

      Teens react to Clairo!

    9. Cheer Captain

      Styff dylons "ultra voilet" from angus thongs and perfect snogging.....U remind me usher.....lady marmalade by pink, christina algalera ,lil kim and mya...."hey juliet"by lmnt.... "never had a dream come true " by s club 7

    10. ClodyHale

      Teens react to Avril Lavigne

    11. Price the MJ fan

      Do next 2000 video, stupify- disturbed

    12. chaoticinflation

      I... feel old?

    13. Franjacéutico

      Hilary Queen Duff

    14. guinm91

      React to Avicii

    15. Nora Alshareef515

      sᴇᴇs ʙɪʟʟɪᴇ ᴄʟɪᴄᴋs ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ.

    16. Adhirai P

      Is it just me, or does Noah look like Noah Centineo 😍

    17. Jessica Ibarra

      React to cuco

    18. Ranyrasyny Suon

      Jillian I love your smile and I'm melting now

    19. TheNaveOfCharlemagne

      How do you not jam to Holiday?

      1. Nuno Prazeres

        TheNaveOfCharlemagne A ikr

    20. Connie Marie

      Tristan is fiiiiiiiiineeeeee

    21. Felpaw Gaming

      Thank you for reminding me about that song My Boo that is Awesome song just added it to my Spotify R&B list

    22. Felpaw Gaming

      A successful music career .....Hilary Duff put out the shity version of my generation and as a Who fan I did not forgive her

    23. justarandomperson


      1. Direwolf181

        justarandomperson I knew the song but I always thought it was Californacation XD

    24. Jillian

      She thought My Sacrifice was by Nickelback😭

      1. Manuel Zambrano

        Scott kroeger 🤣

    25. ellie earnshaw

      The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground should be one of the next songs

    26. Jesus D

      React to Amy Winehouse 😭😭😭

    27. Calvin Verheyen

      Teens react yo Slayer.

    28. Oksana B

      MY SACRIFICE NO ONE GOT IT WTF I STOPPED FOLDING LAUNDRY TO SING IT... Anyone guess/know every song 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

    29. Chief Red Cloud

      Yo have Teens or College kids react to Metallica

    30. linkinpark51

      Thanks for adding Creed 😁 next feature Nickelback

    31. Antcommander

      teens react to hanoi rocks

    32. Sangeet Subedi

      I know lean back from NFS!!!!!!

    33. myno1specail

      have the teens react to cheesy one hit wonders

    34. Audrye Shirah

      Ugh Creed 😍

    35. Katie Frain

      You should play Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis!!!

    36. Mya Parks

      Why is the Asian girl in the denim jacket the cutest thing in the world

    37. Cameron Muise

      8:30 NFS underground 2 flashbacks!

      1. CuddlesForDays

        I couldnt remember if it was from that or a tiger woods game. Now i know, thanks :)

      2. moody star

        Cameron Muise yuuus

    38. Hercules Brofister

      Haha, nickelback vibe. Thats pretty gold.

    39. Stephen Malacaria

      Why has there been no Viva La Vida yet

    40. Shay harris

      Spice girl 🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. Lizzy Doom

        I was so offended on Missy's behalf.

    41. Jordan Misensol

      Elders react to Dance Gavin Dance🤘🏼

    42. aaronarmendariz04

      Do the 80's again!!!!

      1. Antcommander

        and please something from hanoi rocks there

    43. Nick The Music Snob

      I already subbed can I be ur boo hot girl

    44. Ari Roses

      Born in 2006

      1. Hey MatPat Where’s Steph? -_-

        Yeah! Me too! Spring Awakening had a revival that year.

    45. Stoodmuffin Personal

      All the girls light UP for Hillary Duff I love it

    46. William Montes

      Hilary Duff 😍

    47. Panda Akbar

      wait a minute, i think im in love to jillian

    48. raymond angeles

      Plz college kids react to green day revolution radio album..

    49. Natasha Velasquez

      Lol... just knowing the hits. Those are hits, theyre just different genres

    50. CGRULEZ

      WWE Desire - My Sacrifice - Creed

    51. chickensoshitwice

      I love hilary duff

    52. donovan spencer

      Greenday started playing and i went bck in time good times lol

    53. Ameno Gaming

      Is that faze tfue 😏

      1. Lylanz Hax

        Bro that's what I thought when I first saw Troy. But then I remembered Tfue lives in Florida

    54. savs aloha

      i’m crying from Dani California, i love rhcp so much

    55. Douglas Sanches

      Holiday its from 2004

    56. Melanie Lutgen

      Have Brandon, Tom, and Eric react to WHY DON'T WE. They recently released their first album, and recently it was their two year anniversery as a band. They are the biggest boy band right now.

    57. Sidney A Shafer II

      What about “Do Teens Know 2000s Country Music?”!!! I know A LOT of 2000s songs but most of mine were 90s and 2000s Country songs!

    58. mluna7509

      Please teen react to pantera

      1. Mara Van Der Meer


    59. Marita Whittaker

      Creed as Gospel music 😂

    60. Nathaly Andrade

      Please do a React Video to Post Modern Jukebox!!! They create and post covers of mainstream music with 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, melodies.

    61. Jakob Larsson

      Jillian 😍

    62. Jakob Larsson

      Jayka 😍

    63. Daniel T

      If I wanted to be your boo, little girl in the end credits, I should be on some list.

    64. Raziel354

      Green Day concert at 9? Good parenting, my mom never took me to a GD concert :(

    65. Samantha Tyree

      They make me feel very very old.

    66. Josh P. Jackson

      🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ I’ve just come to the realization that I’m old!

    67. yolanda bonilla

      How. Honestly how did not one person know who creed is.

    68. april ashley.

      how did no one know creed..

    69. ClassifiedlionPlays


    70. Falconpunch06

      Laffy Taffy-D4L

    71. Olivia Poirier

      Tristins panic shirt yassssssss

    72. ImThePolice

      Hillary Duff started the Disney kids making it as stars? Really? How bout Britney, Christina, Justin... uninformed youth... so sad

      1. Sangeeth Sivan

        ImThePolice well their music careers had no association with Disney

    73. 류기현

      What about loveliveserve?

    74. VertiS

      Ehm can we get Avril Lavigne please?? She is back..

    75. Michael Random

      You dont The Queen of Rap

    76. Jennifer Hackworth

      I’m hurt that only one of them knew So Yesterday by Hilary Duff😭😭😭

    77. Eitan Avni-Heller

      PLEASE react to Kimbra!!!!!

    78. Staci Felder

      I loved redhot chili peppers so much because of the song Dani California I named my first child Dani

    79. lain iwakura

      Welp, you pick a Creed song no one would know, no wonder no one got it. Everyone knows "Can You Take Me Higher."

      1. april ashley.

        I knew my sacrifice-- some people would know higher, with arms wide open, or wash away those years but i think more people would know my sacrifice

      2. Du'morte Montal

        false. anyone who liked creed knew this song.

      3. Sher G

        Lol. I'm the opposite. I knew My Sacrifice off the bat. I felt like it played a lot in the radio, but not "Can You Take Me Higher"

    80. Konami

      Creed rocks!

      1. Konami


      2. lain iwakura

        Oh honey, no.

    81. PetiteMom

      I wonder if he was a camp counselor at camp kudzu, I know Usher has sent his son with type 1 diabetes there.

    82. Sarah G

      Please have a react to 90’s or 2000’s by the college kids! I love these for the nostalgia but sometimes don’t remember them so I’d love to watch older-than-teens people try to remember!

    83. Caifabe

      20 episodes. Still no The Used. For shame FBE.

    84. Jordan Green

      20 episodes in and still no Jonas Brothers. Do better FBE. Do way better.

    85. Cailan Carson

      Shout out to the guy wearing a Panic! At the Disco shirt😂

    86. Isadora Cortes

      dude i'm eighteen and i'm totally ashamed of this kids lol

    87. saugat saha

      Such a shame that none of them could recognise creed.

      1. BeautyBy Kenny

        saugat saha NICKLEBACK I almost cried

    88. Yardley

      please do Jessie Reyez

    89. ThaPureSilence

      I subscribed, Jillian is officially my boo

    90. Joyc E

      College kids react to Rebelde

      1. Alejandro Mendoza

        That would be awesome lol

    91. Mirash Pepniku

      bebi k

    92. Mirash Pepniku

      bebi k

    93. neil Varma

      He knows ushers son!!

    94. CreativeTrashBin

      Man I was hoping they’d play any early 2000’s Evanescence songs. But they didn’t. But I am happy they had Green Day in there.

      1. CreativeTrashBin

        Fábio Batista I know how you feel

      2. Fábio Batista

        I've been spamming their videos for evanescence for a while... not luck.. obviously

    95. jgjtsngh


      1. Zack Nelson

        jgjtsngh yesssss. The whole time I was like “how the hell do you not know about Missy Elliot”. Kids these days.

    96. Randi Syaputra

      Their reaction make me feel sad.

    97. Sample Text

      my god Lean Back from UNDERGROUND 2

      1. Joe Jones

        I was thinking the same too, all I wanna do is play it now

    98. Eli-jed Tamboong

      Hi Jayka, I like you.

    99. Rhannsler

      Make a reaction to this song

    100. Beth Louise

      How can anyone not recognise green day 🤦🏼‍♀️