Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 - TIME

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    Some things change over Time.
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    Directed by Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling.
    A Blink Industries Production in collaboration with Channel 4 and Dazed Digital.
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    1. ii disgusting ii

      did they ever watch their show?

    2. ßrianna_ Gacha

      Lol Roy was watching porn

    3. Raspberry cheesecake

      **Me skipping to the creepy shit** fuck

    4. Dark Spirits

      meh meh meh meH meH mEH mEH mEH mEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH

    5. Adrià Aguilar

      *Ep1 mornig ep2 past the time ep3hungry ep4past the time ep 5 hungry and ep 6 sleping. Im spanis.*

    6. SHayden

      what THE BLOODY HELL??!?!?!?!??!?!

    7. Toothpicks Are rare

      Only on BR-new could there be a clock washing a puppet in a bath of brown water

    8. Sandra Hernandez Moret

      I watched this video when I was high and I couldn't sleep this night...

    9. ink bendy

      I see that when they try to actually teach something, everyone doesn't like it.

    10. Emma McCormack

      Can't tell if this is for kids.. Half says yes, (the song half) But the other half says uhh no The title doesn't help e.e

    11. GRasputin91

      Did he say "My dad is a cum-cum-shooter!"?

    12. Anastasia Andujar

      2:42 how does that feel huh?

    13. Flip It

      Time is the tool that you can put on your wall or around your wrist the past is far behind us the future does not exist what is the time it’s 8:45 time to have a bath what do you mean we are already clean scrub scrub scrub to the water is brown

    14. Hamlet Garcia

      Ahh my childhood

    15. Army Otaku

      "An old man died" Why did that stand out to me? 😂

    16. MrGamer Moscas

      When is says scrub scrub till the water turns brown douse that mean they took a dump in the water?

    17. david Horner

      1:00 😂😂😂

    18. aries bencel cardoza

      My dad is a co-computer

    19. GloriousGacha

      2:23 how has no one noticed that paige is behind the radio?

    20. jd parker THE BLOCKER

      Sick fuckers not for children

    21. Andrea Sanchez

      0:54 why is there a needle

    22. IamTurtle _

      an old man died... BUT LOOK A COMPUTER

    23. Shannon Gelora

      1:20 Matpat what's the meaning of this?

    24. Jason's Planet

      There's fish everywhere red Guy 2014

    25. Dodo

      Does somebody seen the Hakenkreuz on the chalkboard

    26. Алексей Черемных

      blood, and so on. They are wimps, especially clocks.

    27. caio sobral dos sontos

      ... what

    28. Callie Hammac

      I can handle it when its on adults swim!

    29. Dread Meek

      Not my proudest fap.

    30. Zack Abel

      Time is a tool, but it doesn't exist

    31. sincerelyxbub

      I remember I had to come out.

    32. sincerelyxbub


    33. GameplayDude Talley

      Red Guy Was Smokeing I SAW IT

    34. Justin Ruiz

      2:42 - 2:48 I dare someone to turn this into an alarm clock. Also, R.I.P. headphone users.

    35. bleh

      *_fish everywhere_* *_*shrug_**** fish everywhere

    36. bleh

      go round like a merry go round *_go so fast like a merry go round_*

    37. bleh

      0:29 *_"this guy huh"_*

    38. Sharp_ T3ndrils

      So many secrets. At 2:10 the dad was looking at po**, at 2:38, there was the Nazi's symbol and more. (Not to offend anybody.)

    39. jucas lake gaming

      This is some demonic crap

    40. PoDaPlayerxd


    41. higher.consciousness

      everytime im about to pop a tab of acid i just think of the guy singing "lets go on a journey"

    42. froogot noope

      points at talking clock I thought we agreed to never be creative again

    43. Sara Sevigny

      Nazi sign at 2:40

    44. FrazFuz Man

      1:48 The face you make when your wife is ur sister

    45. FrazFuz Man

      Can we just notice my mans vocals at 1:01

    46. Haily Castaneyra

      This is getting more weird

    47. venom the parasite

      Scrub scrub scrub till the water turns Brown

    48. Xenoslyce

      3:12 People watching the video

    49. Xenoslyce

      2:43 Waking up for school be like

    50. Xenoslyce

      It's time for me to have nightmares again

    51. Venom 121

      I bet we aren’t woch tv

    52. Celtic Musician

      Me after watching this: 3:00

    53. Maria Katsis

      Up and you And you are a use l You up

    54. hot pocket

      My brother just asked me what time is it

    55. Kam Allen


    56. Lucy Shin

      1:08 Oof that voice crack tho

    57. Shelley Andrade

      0:39 the future doesn’t exist then he says everything’s cool it the future. I thought the future didn’t exist

    58. Kathleen Johnson

      FBI think we need you is it creepy kids channel okay so go get him FBI open up

    59. shay


    60. GloriousGacha

      Tony is my favorite teacher so when i get a hamster soon, im going to name it tony. XD

    61. cynda arce

      0:40 the ruined clown painting from episode 1 is on the wall

    62. NunyaBusiness

      Is it just me or is the bird autotuned? LMFAO

    63. Vicky the Ultima Werewolf

      Didn't we agree to never be creative again?

    64. GoldenRed_82

    65. Catherine Coyle

      1:51 me in math class

    66. Microphone the deercat


    67. Sicmanjmg 13

      Space is not like a big ruler and one straight path! It's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey.... Stuff

    68. me is weird

      those songs are so deep and sad! sooo basically time controls our life, right?

    69. FoxyThePirateKid14

      Sketch found on left where the bed is

    70. vofe jepe


    71. 방탄귀엽다

      The duck sounds like a robot

    72. Sams200

      Are we all just gonna ignore the swastika at 2:40?

    73. Zuzka Vajbarová

      *future doesn't exist* some time later IT'S THE FUTURE!

    74. MEZENIN

      I actually liked the song

    75. Ashley OwU

      *The future doesnt exist* Later.. *ITS THE FUTURE* wait is the future real or not

    76. Jolene Holt

      Oh my god was this a children's show for real because if it is I need to get my sandal the creators best run

    77. سلطان الشهري

      The time is changing all the time 😂😂😂😂

    78. Donna Girl

      or wear it on youre *R I Z D*

    79. ShadySady_09 XD

      Honestly i dont know why we just operate on Teddy #TeddysOpperation

    80. Izzy The Amazing Gacha Potato

      ;-; *g-guys who is that?*

    81. Paul Harts


    82. Shane's Reviews

      0:57 when you get an F

    83. Sans the skeleton

      Memdsnejdhsvsk guy

    84. Custom Matchmaking

      2:43 when you you’re on McDonald and they don’t have the food you want | and then you screamed at them for no reason |

    85. Custom Matchmaking

      2:11 who watches that ew

    86. MasterMind Boi

      2:42 Great job BR-new, you called the clock's scream, "MUSIC."

    87. Will Alpizar

      As jigsaw once said time is an illusion.

    88. Mole Rat


    89. RylieANDLayla forever

      15k people aren't friends with their dad😁😆

    90. Samuel Wells


    91. The Sophie songs

      I told my therapist about this because the talking clock scares me

    92. Envious but Prideful

      Phone:*lags uncontrollably* Me:*gets mad throws phone on the wall* mm! There's a time in a place for lagging around!

    93. Random Wierdo


    94. -cosas Random-

      I am scared :v

    95. Det HarDuInteMedAttGöra

      The yelling terrified me O-O

    96. Sunshine

      nazi = mc 2?

    97. OwO

      Roy 1:50 2:12

    98. Angel Cutie 740

      This is how I get energy I watch all of the dont hug me I’m scared’s in a row To get energy

    99. Skull Team

      I'm just waiting for season 2

    100. The Blacksmith