Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 - TIME

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    Some things change over Time.
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    Directed by Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling.
    A Blink Industries Production in collaboration with Channel 4 and Dazed Digital.
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    1. Alex Nieves

      This is fucking disgusting

    2. Dark Wishes

      0:39 v.s 2:02

    3. Alicia The wilted flower

      Omg the clock is so me especially since i jump off the wall and sing about time and this is why this is my favourite episode and my favourite character is the clock and this is my favourite song

      1. Dark Wishes

        Same bruh

    4. leah·bxnds

      Yellow Guy's dad is terrifying

    5. Twilight Pie

      Omg it feels like their saying two time meme ITS LIKE DHMIS


      my sister gets scarred of this video

    7. Tasnim Cheikh

      Lol this is what happened when you don’t know what to do after university

    8. idk :V

      2:42 *tony actived sr pelo mode*

    9. Leoreo


    10. NASA Potato

      I need kids to show this to

    11. Gracie Colby

      *All my **-childhood-** has left the chat*

    12. Wolfie Ultra


    13. Preston Goodplay

      2:24, the notepad, it's watching.

    14. Melly

      2:41 lol

    15. Harry the moth

      My dad is a com-computer (Also there’s fish everywhere)

    16. Metal Maddy

      1:01 .O. I can see red guy's real face

    17. Bonnie Curiel

      this video made me have some deep thoughts.

    18. Solo,cultutismo natural

      Jaja ando bien ácido me Di un viajesote

    19. Akdipasupi ROTMG

      They didn’t even miss their show, the song is only 4 minutes

    20. Laurel Cook

      Ok but are the maggots necessary on the end card?

    21. Aaliyah Robertson

      Actually watching at quarter to nine

    22. Kai #WALKERSJOIN


    23. Roblox Gamer Lily my gameplays are funny

      Rip hedphone users

    24. Mirna Martinez

      Ahhhhhhhh i could not sleep when i watch it two Times a day god i have to stop doing that

    25. mayert den besten

      At 2.40 you can see an nazi sing at thr midle left of the bord

    26. Thread Bomb

      1:01 Started to get Boosh flashbacks here.

    27. Trace Hickman

      This is ba

    28. Amira Oubre

      Im scared like a cat in water when the birds skin and feathers melt off

    29. christina johnson

      WHY CLOCK???!!!

    30. christina johnson

      3:23 did anyone else see the the duck guy's eyeball beside his chare??

    31. christina johnson

      3:06 OK THAT IS CREPPY!!!!!!

    32. christina johnson

      2:23 did anyone else see the notepad from the 1st episode?????

    33. Roblox Gamer Lily my gameplays are funny

      Rip people with ear buds (like me)

    34. Fernando H.C


    35. Birdie198 YT

      Happy 1,900,000!

    36. lauren

      try eating a banana while watching this

    37. Kim Namjoon

      Did anyone see that the picture of them changed at the end to say Nothing

    38. Lucid

      I never notice that Swastika sign at 2:39 until now.

    39. A Guy


    40. greenlemonxde _

      0:55 oh look it’s a *syringe full of blood* in the program of the day!

    41. mihee kondo

      _hands down BEST SINGER EVER_

    42. M

      there's an eye next to duck at 3:24

    43. TheMustacheArrow

      (Sesame Street has left the chat)

    44. DeluxeDuck99


    45. breanna gonzalez

      2:41 is literally me when i hear my alarm go off in the morning

    46. DarthloopGames

      I thought this was a kids show

    47. Idk still dont know

      *I'm Friends with my dad*

    48. 2,000 subscribers no videos?

      3:07 oh hell no

    49. Asgore 65

      3:12 MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. Aariv Rahman

      2:47 wtf is wrong with this video.

      1. Aariv Rahman

        I’m gonna have nightmares when I falling asleep by this bloody video.