Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5

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    You look to be a bit hungry?
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    Directed by Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling.
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    Publicado em 3 anos atrás


    1. Mae Parker

      I love the terror in birds face oh my

    2. LetMeDieAndLetMeGo

      F I S H A N D C H I P S

    3. TheEggCalledSophia

      This is one of the darkest episodes

    4. Pinoy Power


    5. G i e g u e

      4:03 slow down this part and it sounds like music

    6. Otaku Midget

      This series scares the shit out of me

    7. Leoreo

      I'm not hungry anymore

    8. MJK k

      3:27 what is that?

    9. MJK k

      4:47 Why is the can eating the duck's organs!?!?!?

    10. I want To die

      *gEt oFf mE*

    11. EXACLY Apollo

      First time I watch this I was so scared now I’m laughing

    12. Callie hammac

      what did I just watch... 0_0

    13. Emilia Ibañez

      Minute 4:03

    14. Callie Hammac

      the bread is the dj at 0:37 to 0:48

    15. Tr- 3E

      How old the yellow dude it looks like he got a mullet xd

    16. Demons Hunch

      My last brain cells during a test

    17. mimi babby13

      Remember the red freind left out the room in the computer 👀 in ep4 that’s why he’s not there

    18. Mirna Martinez

      WTF is this think man

    19. Charlie Norton

      “Healthy foods such as bread, cream, white sauce, and *aspic* keep the body ticking over nicely”

    20. Callie Hammac

      the creepiest episode yet

    21. Parker Smith

      Ofc Tomska's involved

    22. Raven Bearden

      3:14 that's the sound i make when i'm annoyed

    23. Random Doge

      my dog was born on June 19 :/

    24. CardinalparrotTV

      who else is rewatching all of these?

    25. atotalidiot

      The can's gums are grey. Anyone else see that?

    26. ToasterPower 777

      This is my jam But jam makes your teeth go gray

    27. Timothy Honiss

      This taught me more than school.

    28. Raven Bearden

      I know healthy food but this is wrong on so many levels

    29. ToasterPower 777

      4:46 Are those human teeth on the duck's mouth?

      1. ToasterPower 777

        wait where did they get those teeth?

      2. ToasterPower 777

        Double spook

      3. Raven Bearden


    30. Just Monika

      I should stop rewatching it daily :'D

    31. Yellow guy

      2:19 hello

    32. Simply Me

      1:02 when someone's trying to jump on your back

    33. LilBigDawg FART

      Dis anyone notice Roy in the off scene part

    34. Jô

      that doesn't make sens- *Do DOO do DO dOo*

      1. Just Monika

        Doesn't make sans*

    35. jilliane l

      My sister showed me the don’t bug me I’m scared 1 and now I’m watching them all whattttt theeee

    36. Felisha_1408

      2:46 when my friends finally call me

    37. Harry the moth

      This is probably the scariest episode of the whole series

    38. Mc Videos


      1. NubDaPro :3

        it was actually really well done it looks just too realistic

      2. Raven Bearden

        That is F***ed up

    39. hotspace

      "oh look, he's all broken and on the floor" me

    40. TheActs Of Crazy

      I feel weird vibes watching this, when i think about it, why am i watching this?

    41. stonks

      its all broken and on the floor.

    42. Katrina Adams


    43. Ordinary Girl

      7.2k people have grey teeth

    44. DarkkLights - Pets

      4:46 W⃠. A⃠. R⃠. N⃠ I⃠ N⃠ G⃠ G⃠ O⃠. R⃠. E⃠

    45. deephouse412

      That steak wrapping his arm around the duck....Totally the H. Weinstein of food

    46. Caio Terror & Creepypasta

      4:03 i see the red guy

    47. Bushyishere


    48. Yo Mama

      I understand the concept of this, If you don't eat healthy food, that food will eat you.

    49. Yo Mama

      2:51 is me

    50. No Me Abraces Estoy Asustado