Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5

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    You look to be a bit hungry?
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    Directed by Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling.
    A Blink Industries Production
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    Publicado em 3 anos atrás


    1. Sleepy Girl

      *W H I T E S A U C E*

    2. leah xox

      I regret life...

    3. MeItinq Rose

      Is it weird to find this funny but it's supposed to be scary?

    4. PlugPlayz YT


    5. ink bendy

      Duck almost got it, I sware!!!

    6. Emma McCormack

      This isn't supposed to be educational, right?! I hope so, or Health Class just got complicated.

    7. Emma McCormack

      Carrots aren't healthy? Wtf?!

    8. Emma McCormack

      I wonder if the Wakey Wakey thing shows up any time soon. Wait, why do I wanna know? Or is that just a theory?

    9. XMaddie Gacha

      This is not for kids take this down please

    10. Christopher Lopez


    11. Omar Albayrak

      I didnt finish it yet but i think red's in the dinner plate

    12. Jess Gage

      WTF XD

    13. eternitysuper Saiyan

      I feel like episode 4 and 5 have something to do with advertisement,and how advertisment tricks us. I mean dont you find it weird that if you talk about a certain product it appears on your phone that happens to me all the time...let me know if it happens to you 2?but just a thought.

    14. Ijeoma

      aw this is sad, it makes me cry.

    15. a person on the internet

      This is my favorite episode out of the whole series like when I hear something about dhmis this is immediately what I think of well also the 2nd occasionally also go to 5:17 and the steaks got no mouth and the bone/hat is flying off but only for a split second

    16. Lancer has Cancer

      4:04 stop stalking roy

    17. CDAWG4014

      Me:puts down pig guts yea I'm not hungry anymore

    18. Galaxy Girl

      *ThE oRgANS*

    19. Elliot Gabriel

      3:49 I love how the steak just knocks over the model and lets out a half-assed "oh no" to drive the lesson home. He's not even *trying* to deliver a coherent message at this point.

    20. Floyd Fletcher

      The is genuinely the most informative food informaton video i have seen

    21. Brian Flavin

      0:41 reminds me of that song Kevin Macleod made

    22. caio sobral dos sontos

      demom 😈💀

    23. Diablo napander

      Ummmm what

    24. George Bray

      4:02 I think he said I don’t want to do this anymore

    25. Zack Abel

      4:36 I must've had too much pie

    26. Zack Abel

      What's missing? My will to go on

    27. Justin Ruiz

      2:02 this is..... confusing...

      1. Justin Ruiz

        3:18 that's it. I'm done. They're not even trying.

    28. Bubblegum Bitch

      Well...thats enough internet for like 25 years.

    29. bleh

      *_oh nooo look it's all brroooken and on da floor_*

    30. bleh


    31. GalaxxyLuna VEVO

      i cant sleep anymore thanks

    32. Papa Johns

      Iihiuahuiaervi Hoarfeih Oleaginous Nio How Fadbjk Avfdu Ninja.ifsd.ivd.bjivef.johzefb’hrkjeb

    33. Lily Kearns

      This is when the series started to really fall apart ... and I started getting emotional over puppets

    34. Blake Spann

      This is amazing 😍😍😝😝😝😝😥 at the end it was so scary 😟😞😨🤮😵🤪😱🤓

    35. QueenGrape

      4:00 you see the steak guy has red shoes and white socks and black tights but at 4:04 you see a guy in all red and furry on top like red guy!?!?! I don’t get what’s happening

    36. Pixel Tiger

      1:57 i didnt lisent all of that and it sounded like"WANT A SPRITE CANBERRY?"

    37. wingey :3

      hi 👋

    38. wingey :3




    40. Edward Clark

      Why does it sound like the duck uses autotune?

    41. Radio Pilot

      I love the auto-tuned voice of the duck.

    42. something different

      I love video like this Me at begging:oh....god what's going to happen. Me at the end:🤤😮😲🤔

    43. 려려 K Subs

      Im eating while watching this *rip*

    44. LPS Valley

      R.I.P Harry (RedGuy)

    45. Andrew Wiggington

      At 4:04 you can see the dad in the top right corner watching.

    46. shawn kennedy

      what the crap...

    47. Elizabeth Øof

      This gave me nightmares 😂😂 but i still love it

    48. JustA#1

      OMG look at the corner of the room keep pausing it 4:03

    49. sacksnipes

      I just realized that Yellow Guy was eating Duck this whole time

    50. FrazFuz Man

      When i re whatched this i thought it would be innocent. Guess i was wrong

    51. Jackson Storm

      I'm here to escape rewind just rewatching the series

    52. Paige The notepad

      Eating organs makes your teeth go grey!

    53. Daniel Patino

      The more you see these makes you see so many more unsettling

    54. GoldenRed_82

    55. Timster

      1:42 my face when the shitting WiFi cuts out or I run out of mobile data. 2:51 when it happens again after I fixed it 5 mins ago

    56. •MintyYoongiz• -

      Um I think I have PTSD now

    57. •MintyYoongiz• -

      _um,sweetie I think you thinking a bit too creatively_

    58. Tast.the.rainbow.091! Colorz

      Yellow guys father is at the top of the screen at 4:04 Red guy’s head is in the microwave 4:03

    59. cow bear show!

      I'm not hungry anymore

    60. Christina Hamilton

      How come every song is in major, but the videos themselves are the opposite?

    61. Bryan Herrera

      1:03 the green guy is on drugs because he's not on you🙄

    62. Trustin  Dean

      seriously i need to know are those real organs?

    63. One Sec

      *Me eating* *Sees the organs* Me: “WHERES THE BATHROOM!!!”

    64. redmat's  and games ...

      5:28 hey giys,before we can see what yellow guy was up too,you can see it on the right middle side

    65. Emma Mayle

      Isn’t it your teeth goes black not your teeth goes gray.

    66. Emma Mayle

      Are you hungry?!

    67. Stop Lying.

      *Doo do do doo..*

    68. Hope

      4:48 the ducks teeth are grey

    69. The Roaring Duck

      0:50 when I go to my grandma's house

    70. NicoGamerGT XX


    71. David.

      0:50 is my mom when I get home from school

    72. Busted Burn

      Go to 4:02 and do 0x25 speed and you can see Roy

    73. Katie Katie

      I was hungry at the beginning but at the end I lost my appetite 😣😣😣🍦

    74. Katie Katie

      I don’t think ur healthy if you think foods talking 🤔 🤔 🤔 XD

    75. doctorwhofan 1000

      Guys, are we not going to explain the fact that TOMSKA was one of the producers for this?

    76. aries bencel cardoza

      *how can Can's eat bird organs i think cans take revenge for eathing her friend's*

    77. fake flamingo

      Who is watching at night

    78. Dragons and angels ASMR awesomeness

      4:02 Green guy's voice tho. I kinda like the auto tune.

    79. Sprite Lagoon

      My stomach hurts whenever I watch this episode

    80. Multiplayer master player Ricardo


    81. Em0lixik ROBLOX GUY

      *R-O-B-I-N M-A-K-E-S Y-O-U-R T-E-A-T-H G-O G-R-A-Y*

    82. Juan Verduzco

      Litgit this video doesn’t want to eat anything

    83. OwO

      Roy 4:04 (0,25x) 4:02 (Paper Note: "Roy")

    84. made in bootleg stuff ??

      4:04 Try the ×0.25 speed pause and see...

    85. Minecraft Mastermind555

      What kind of label would say your teeth would say your teeth would turn grey

    86. Deathly aesthetic

      4:47 k but why is there glitter

    87. TomCat Gamer

      I love food

    88. тёмный лорд 66

      4:16 😪

    89. Natsuki

      This video solves world hunger.

    90. Natsuki

      oh no! It's all broken and on the floor!!!

      1. Sad Sayori

        hi Natsuki xD

    91. Mrteapot

      0:35 gotta love that breads singing though

    92. Candy Copter

      How am I just now realizing that they're trying to fatten them up to eat them

    93. Just don’t try to live

      *get off me*

    94. Infinity Memes

      *tHerEs mR bLaDeR iN tHe bAsEmEnT*

    95. Laraaiko0606 wolf the pudding ;-;

      I love green Guy Voice :3

    96. TomCat Gamer

      Anyone hungry? :)

    97. Giselle • Gacha

      This gives me cancer ♋️

    98. Giselle • Gacha

      Why am I watching this shit

    99. Sky thecaptain

      A strangers plate A strangers plate A strangers plate A strangers plate! A strangers plate! A STRANGERS PLATE! A STRANGERS PLATE! *A STRANGERS PLATE!* *A STRANGERS PLATE!* *A STRANGERS PLATE!*

    100. Meron Teame

      3:11 ehhhhh 😂😂