Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas



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    From the album Kamikaze, out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze
    Music video by Eminem performing Lucky You. © 2018 Aftermath Records

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    1. trav W

      Tory Lanez actually thought he could fuck with Joyner 😂 Joyner just bodied him with the ‘Litty’ diss

    2. Kaeli Halverson.

      anyone else have an orgasm when they saw Eminem humping the air? legend

    3. Josh C

      Funny and ironic... Eminem your the reason rap evolved to mumble rap . White boy elevated the rap game to main stream and others rappers couldn’t compete with lyrical talent so they evolved the style of hip hop. Now your coming back and asking what happened? You were on top far too long.. you have to move!

    4. Tayvonn Thomas

      Omg Eminem needs to make a kamikaze 2 haha give it a year then do this shit again em

    5. Erick Aldaba


    6. Tariq FOX

      Em... EXCELLENT work wit my homie Joyner! And yo didn't tell me dat he did dis track with you yo! He surprised me well!! Again, EXCELLENT WORK!!!

    7. Hugo Nobre

      Masterpiece, creative, melodic. Sick !

    8. Carly Wickham

      Damn nigga you make good ass beat's

    9. Eazi_FLo22

      No-one bumps em in their car, the way it's meant to be

    10. ÇHRXÑÏÇ X

      Who here after listening to Tory’s version ? 👀

    11. Patrik Burling

      you can hear Eminem's lyric's, take notes every mumble rapper ever.

    12. Adrian dash


    13. Adrian dash


    14. Fortnite- Mobile


    15. Lor Herb

      Tory lanez beat joyner on this beat. 👍👍

      1. trav W

        Lor Herb Fuck no! Lmao what I smoking homeboi. Go back and listen. Tory talking about a whole bunch of random shit and Joyner just bodied him completely on the ‘litty’ diss. Tory can’t fucc with Joyner and that’s just a fact

    16. Micah Weller

      Eminem is the greatest white lyrical rapper of all time

    17. Ben Davies

      The beat that starts at 0:29 its sound a bit like the intro from Bully the wii/ps2 game

    18. Carl Harris

      if you disliked this song is retoaded its awesome press like

    19. Oluwaseun Morihanfen


    20. Alec Teodoru

      Why does Eminem look like a Fortnite skin?

    21. Lisanlly Almonte

      Ufffffffffffff omg eminem

    22. Quattr0ff

      Em, we need a clip for Infinite! PLEASE!!

    23. Keith Rogers

      Tell Tor listen to this shit again...you already killed

    24. eMoRaL

      📂Documents └📁Music └📁Eminem └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

    25. Edwing Fraga

      Guys check Tory Lanez version its fire

      1. trav W

        Edwing Fraga ya and check ‘Litty’ by Joyner. Tory got body bagged

    26. Spectral Games

      *every bad thing that ever existed in the world has left the chat* oops, *except fire*

    27. Eduardo Troche

      This song is 🔥🔥🔥

    28. Non Rustic

      Wich Doctor! Wich Doctor!

    29. just a nigga with a rocket launcher

      This video is fucking dope em

    30. pandemonium

      That scared the shit out of me when he turned off his flashlight the second time

    31. Pro Seline

      This is OP

    32. John  Truver

      Best rapper to fome out the 508

    33. guili Saucedo

      The god is back

    34. KILAfartz

      This rap

    35. Stephanie Garcia, MA, BCN

      this song has 2m likes =)

    36. Cali Girl 209


    37. just me

      Gosh that was deep. Amazing 😍👊👌🙌🙌

    38. Thomas Long


    39. 113 0585

      i love this

    40. Mini Isaac

      Anyon notice the person in the water?

    41. Alli Heshmati

      Shits lit

    42. easy breezy

      Who came here after listening tory lanez his freestyle

      1. Loai Kahri

        me too

    43. Z71Ridah

      Lucas Joyner came hard on this he took over the hip hop scene and said give me the juice and the plates I'm here now and I'm eating than Em jumps on and reminds us why he's the Rap God going back to his roots and shreds everyone apart he gave us back what we been missing and more! We needed this the Hip Hop scene needed this! Back on the Bull like the Cowboy! This is a heavy weight hitter! Thank You Em and Joyner!

    44. Halil Gümüş

      Tamam o

    45. Vanessa Mendes

      Vanessa Mamo 2004 - 2018.... *Cause of Death* Joyner Lucas and Eminem

    46. Idk ?

      Better than Tory

    47. john jimene

      So... eminem just accepted he sold his soul

    48. 8th_ Həights


    49. Nox Reliquia

      Who gets goose bumps at 2:21?

    50. Ultra Roc

      Eminem’s bars are fire🔥🔥

      1. JamoniconGo863 Gameplays