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    1. Rik Veen


    2. Junior1221


    3. Diegolego YT

      Alguien mexicano

    4. Nicole Da Boi

      *slaps This green person* LEAVE THIS POOR CHILD ALONE OR ELSE!!!!

    5. Yolanda Tolentino

      IT IS 2019

    6. vae l

      sorry a bit late

    7. Caleb Rodriguez

      HELP #3

    8. The Bbaf


    9. Black iced Chanka


    10. TomCat Gamer

      Why am i watching this at night

    11. Lolipopster fun

      I am scared so don't hug me

    12. Xavier Broderick

      0:09 when you get one pumped

    13. happinessofdoom

      "I don't like it" I honestly felt bad for yellow guy.

    14. Leo Power

      guys am I the only one who finds this video similar to the ones in this cannel? (it's a mystery channel that is run by a supposed murderer but idk if it is real) I think that I saw that the supposed victim was a girl in the 50s/60s and the date in the video is '55 soooo.... what do you think?

    15. amigo Tablón

      Te va violar que

    16. Ryan fritsinger

      A few frames before it says help, it reads "IS THIS THE END?". Maybe they cut that part out of the video because of spoilers. Plus, the date changes to 19.06.14. instead of it saying 19.06.55. Was this date the original date for dhmis 6 before they moved it all the way back to 2016?

    17. Carrot Sticks

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... Is this it way of showing emotion??????????

    18. Elyza Rodriguez

      Noooooooo this should me in a scary movie

    19. juliaPKgames

      Oh no! Im at deep web again :p

    20. Cargo Pros

      It's more like 0:11

    21. Cargo Pros

      Pause at 0:10 he about to fucking yeet yellow dude out of existence

    22. john skehill

      i dont like it

    23. Oh Yeah yeah

      Oh yeah yeah

    24. Kwecta'mn Pierre

      My iPad glitched out after i watched the video...🤔😁

    25. Francisca Pepi

      Trauma 😰

    26. sky diamond

      Wtf am I watching I feel like a psychopath

    27. Freddy 10191

      Satan who? Satan u

    28. QueenGrape

      How bout we don’t be creative again?

    29. maximilianmus_59 59

      What the hell is going on?

    30. darkgame gacha


    31. -bluegasm

      Yellow guy;hegggg I don't like it

    32. Mega Jax

      Kidnappers:%*@%!**^$***. The Phone: Wa WHAT I can't understand wat u're trying to say

    33. Sydney Grenkow

      Was any one els kinda scared to click the link

    34. Tom and Tamara EddsWorld


    35. MateotheCoolest Coolest

      Coming october 2014 did you forget it its been like 5 years.

    36. Mujtaba Parsa

      Oh yeah yaeh

    37. Davin Reed 20 10 2011

      What happened

    38. Fennec X

      Yo where is matpat

    39. stevie

      Scary Nazis

    40. Save Jaeden does gacha

      i've never seen these before i think they made them private and then public recently?

    41. E Caya Blonkenfeld

      the furry guy at 0:03 is wearing a cultural revolution uniform....?

    42. under rune loizo

      The guy whit the bag in head is yellow guy

    43. Secret. Beaver

      $ £ € ? H E L P

    44. D and I plus Y

      Is that supossed to be a red room?

    45. Avery spills tea

      0:10 for y'all americans out there he's not saying "i don't like it" he's saying "bloody" because in england bloody means the "f word"

    46. Ice Cream Cat

      *Help I dont like it*

    47. stay awake

      0:08 made me feel bad and that cute voice that yellow guy did.

    48. Arnalin Garces

      Heeee i dont like it!

    49. NeythGaming


    50. sebasanimado

      Ash blogs ? Eres tú ? :v

    51. Envious but Prideful

      Roy is evil

    52. Kitty Loverz

      Leave yg alone He's only 8

    53. Ian Vazloz

      Mipersonaje favorito


      Help them

    55. Eliza Morel

      *heuug* I don’t like it 😂😂 that cracked me up pfffffffttt hhahahahahhahahaahhaahahahha omfg >_

    56. Grace South

      vutcifyycgh vguyg fhvy79yvu h gu8blj v bhiob rh🐘😰🔝!"£$%^%$£$%^&*(*%$%^&*(*&^%

    57. Riley Vibes

      Few years late heh. ..?.

    58. Ugandan Sans

      Hug me im not scared

    59. Mr. Artur

      What a fuck?!

    60. Oyunvav TV

      Selamin Aleyküm

    61. niki B.B

      Im confuse now whaaaaa

    62. Ja Lab

      It's kinda creepy

    63. gacha gal 4eva

      Um.... I'm not going to sleep for a year well done don't hug me well done... 😠 👏

    64. omar lachgar

      Oof #2

    65. Kirby Killer


    66. Cool Guy126

      What happen to the yellow guy

    67. YoBoiEpic

      Ok 4 years later I'm starting to think that weird monster thing is gonna do something in season 2

    68. Liv Kristine Siruno

      Roy did this, didn't he?

    69. nancy joe

      I saw one help3 yellow guys finger The ducks I and even read guys ear but your guy still alive because in the background I hear him crying

    70. Petscop 2000


    71. TheNewt Storm

      I'm so Fucking scared

    72. Max Lai

      Scariest things on BR-new are probably on this channel

    73. The manny

      0:08 *I don't like it D:*

    74. Saralyn Yambor


    75. Superman and Kiaski

      This was posted on The Day of Retribution.

    76. Emma Devlin

      I just watched this and saw that it came out on my 6th birthday.

    77. Ramon Paras

      Teacher: you want this? *shows an apple* me: 0:09

    78. Soul Raisin

      *eeeEEHhhhh* *i DonT lIke iT*

    79. Golfhaus

      Reporter: "Excuse me sir, what are your thoughts on the new Instagram update?" Person on the street: 0:08

    80. Creppy Man

      0:09 through 0:10 WTF

    81. Michael Montoya

      Dhmis is very entertaining

    82. Virginia Ferrer

      No Way

    83. FR0STB0T 75

      0:02 Me

    84. studioatm

      Are you ok

    85. Laura Huerta


    86. Laura Huerta


    87. xXDarkXx Noob

      Why do you need help in the first place?

    88. Oofblox


    89. Manuel Yhunaban Manzano Ortiz

      Family friendly

    90. Luis Magallanes

      Ash vlogs xdxd

    91. -Francisco mireles 14678

      What the fuck!!!!

    92. Mark Davis


    93. Mary

      Yellow guy why do you have to die in Father’s Day!?

    94. Ashley Plays

      I need jesus now... T~T

    95. Charles Tennis

      i knew you wer3 hiding something.

    96. Exotic butters

      was that monster wearing a nazi uniform

    97. Hatsune Mayky X3 Lol


    98. foxy swag

      I wish I can report this cause this is soooper deep and bad they be killing ppl y'all get this straight it might be a symbol or something but I might be kidnapping or locked in s basement or get burned by gas or some sort y'all we need to know it might be the third episode but it might be no no no no creativity or the green sign or maybe the green uniform but we need to work together to do something about this I ain't feel good about this but we need to work together on this

      1. this gay cactus

        This was 4 years ago,it was also just a Kickstarter.