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    1. XxReesexX XxReecexX

      I need jesus now... T~T

    2. Charles Tennis

      i knew you wer3 hiding something.

    3. LegoMan Customs

      was that monster wearing a nazi uniform

    4. Hatsune Mayky X3 Lol


    5. foxy swag

      I wish I can report this cause this is soooper deep and bad they be killing ppl y'all get this straight it might be a symbol or something but I might be kidnapping or locked in s basement or get burned by gas or some sort y'all we need to know it might be the third episode but it might be no no no no creativity or the green sign or maybe the green uniform but we need to work together to do something about this I ain't feel good about this but we need to work together on this

    6. Taste Good餅

      *N A N I*

    7. Paris Ferrill

      Here in 2018 bc that guy is a nazi

    8. GrantyStewart HasBeenGoodBoiToday

      Money. Money money money. Money money money?! Money!-

    9. Zoey's Life

      0:09 When your at an amusement park and your on a ride you don’t like the thought of riding

    10. Stefana

      I remember watching DHMIS for the first time like it was yesterday I was eleven when I first saw it (I’m now thirteen) I remember how I found out by it was embarrassingly a gif that’s right a gif... It was May of I think 2017 when I watched it I remember my friend and I were having a perfectly normal conversation and then out of the blue here I was confused by a gif of three dancing puppets, one yellow, one green, and one red I asked her what it was from and she simply said dhmis I then asked what that meant and she replied don’t hug me I’m scared. I then typed that in and sure enough there it was on BR-new waiting for me to watch it so I watched it later that night. Back at my old house it was big and kind of creepy at night I remember watching the first episode I was confused but it was like somehow I knew something about it right then and there came the “dark part” or “turning point” I. Was. Terrified. I remember texting my brother so scared I actually did want a hug lol. He wasn’t home and my mom was downstairs I was so scared I couldn’t move or do anything (and I had to piss really bad) so for whatever reason a tiny part of me was saying “watch the rest you won’t forget it” and now here I am I never did regret I was still terrified that night but I’m so happy I had the courage to watch it and to think it all came from one simple giphy...

    11. Gay Care

      HELP roy is getting us all

    12. Zoey's Life


      1. Stefana

        Zoey's Life they have already been saved my friend :)

    13. Sasha :D

      theory: it's all just an advertisement for their kickstarter ;)

    14. Sushi Boi

      Put on 0.25 speed on 0:11

    15. TheFamily Zion

      00:08 EDIT: weirdo?

    16. pie frisk

      911 is on there way

    17. Flam ingo

      Lyrics: BUMMBOOM Møñëÿ M0Ń3Ÿ M0ŃĘ7 MŒŃ3YYYYY Eughh……I don’t like it! BEEEEEEEP

    18. Ashaki Playz

      Like in the “Don’t hug me I’m scared” 3!Their was a missing sign of both of them!They are taken and they died probably!

    19. Danielle Wolf

      The music is incredibly unsettling....but I fucking LOVE IT! Man, I should have watched this series sooner!!

    20. Cookies Animation


    21. ジ1x1x1x1_SuPorter

      8:00 *when you get a bad present for xmas* eughh.. i.. dont.. like. it.

    22. robloxcu 54

      when call your mom for food but it says "theres nothing in the fridge" 0:03

    23. 100,000 subs from comments

      When it’s Says: HELP $£€? And if you put those weird letters you would get Dsa? If you unscramble dsa? You would get: Sad? This is another theory by me, if you would like to know How I got to unscramble it you need to be on iPad or mobile.

    24. Luigi Killer

      Who else saw the secret image

    25. Carol Rogers

      I gave all my money away is that enough

    26. cata oreo y roxy

      All chapters are creppy

    27. Kristen Stephens-Woods

      Geeeeeeeeze man.😦🤢😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😡😠

    28. Amazing Wolf

      wait, look at da red ribbon around the kidnapper's's a nazi logo...maybe it means something, maybe it means that wakey wakey might be about nazis. (jk i just wanted to point out da nazi logo)

    29. Random Me

      0:08 Everyone's reaction to my comments...

    30. Stove Pipe

      Where is HELP #3?! I've been looking for so long! It had such a catchy tune!!!

    31. Good Christian Child

      I think Yandere Simulator was inspired by this

    32. Vithor Angel

      When its 00:11 stop the video before appears help s€£ it appears is this the end(i know the video is a bit old bug i am the only one whi saw that?

    33. Nattx Nat


    34. Lunista and Ocs

      0:08 "I don't like it!"

    35. WrApITup

      0:06 in the bottom of the screen you can see half of a paper

    36. Fnaf Rules


    37. ghjgyjgyjgtyftyf xdxdxd

      Hace mucho que veo estos vídeos y se me hace parecido con el caso de Ash vlogs

    38. Ur Freaky Gurl Maria VGCP AUTTP

      hey stob it

    39. Gabrielle Thieret

      That bear is supposed to be a nazi.... in one of the videos there is a swastika on a paper with this date i think..

    40. L D

      VTF is going on like sireuos

    41. brooke

      june 19th, 1955

    42. Sonicice 24

      SAVE THEM.

    43. Cat the Invisible Child

      Notice the date

    44. WaaWaluigi Time

      0:09 my reaction to fortnite

    45. jowolf bow wow

      No one gives a shit you dont like it

    46. //yVønNe chAn\\

      0:08 i heard *i'm lagged*

    47. Korin Aishy

      I help you

    48. Tip And Misoko

      Spoopy 😂

    49. •Anime Siri•