iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?


  1. Mephisto Man

    I just sold my note9 which is amazing phone and downgraded to iPhone x. The reason I'm into fitness and wanted galaxy watch and note 9 to be great unfortunately I can't get use to android messaging, galaxy watch fitness is crap and partner has iPhone 8plus I got her for Xmas.

  2. Anish patel

    Summary: it’s a X with a S on the end.

  3. Brock

    Should i upgrade 7 plus to XS Max?

  4. gacha parfait and more!

    can’t the apple store just wait at least 2 or more years to release a new phone?

  5. Zoe Nicole

    I have the IPhone XS in white

  6. SM

    Does two iPhone 10's stuck together make it a iPhone 20?

  7. matthew oraha

    I got a 7+ and am about to upgrade what do think I do should I pay 40 a month for an xs max, 35 for an xs, or 30 for an x

  8. James L Arnold II

    I wanted the iPhone XS Max, but after watching this video... I will probably just stick with my iPhone X for another year.

  9. Roy

    You should make s video of "iphone 6s vs. iphone xs - worth upgrad?"

  10. Art S

    Why would you glue two phones like that? Sick people

  11. Kristian Kucic

    In Croatia iPhone X costs 1500$....65gb version

  12. Cameron Schichtel

    If ur gonna get an x get an xr

  13. Israel Bautista

    What if its your first i phone?

  14. JasonIsBoredMovies

    I like the old ones I drop an X, it cracks and bends I drop a 4s, it has no scuffs and is spotless. I drop a 2g, it *D I S I N T E G R A T E S* I drop a 3g, freakin *P I T C H P E R F E C T*

  15. King Yung

    I have both

  16. Vain Moo

    Do you really need to make a long ass video just to answer a simple question?

  17. Dolans Tea

    Should I get the xs or the 7+? I have waited to get an iPhone for 5 years and I’m typing on an iPad rn It will be my first iPhone, so which one should I get? Like: xs Reply: 7+

  18. GamerNick722005

    I’m gonna upgrade from the 10 to the 10s cause I like the max

  19. Fahid Masood

    getting Xs tommorow so i wanna know the diffrence

  20. Anildeep Singh

    using my i phone 7 still happy with it

  21. Caden Schmidt

    I have an iPhone 7plus. I’m getting the XS max today and Im kind of excited for it

  22. TheSuitor

    Worth upgrading from an 8?

  23. NickVids

    And here I am STILL with an iPhone 5

  24. Eriku2004

    Is Australia it costs $818.95 to repair back glass

  25. purplepie sj

    from 6 to Xs... we will see when I have it on hand 🤚

  26. Lala Lala

    For a 13 year old girl these little differences will not matter at all so i would purchase the x

  27. zeyad elashrey

    I’m kinda confused whether I should buy the iPhone xs with 256gb or the iPhone XS Max but with a 64gb of storage, also both are the same price. What do you guys reckon?

  28. serizale

    What did the librarian say to the KID?? Read more

  29. isthismarvin?

    Buying the Max on Wednesday thanks to you're reviews! (Upgrading from Samsung S7 Edge)

  30. Sheena Kathleen Fabroa

    5s since 2016🤣

  31. BMW Mseries

    And I’m still on a 6s 😅

  32. Bryan Santana

    With that price it should come with a fast charger and an airpod.

  33. yukinomichi8

    By the way great review anyway, thanks for pointing out the difference.

  34. yukinomichi8

    Omg I agree with the others. X to Xs doesn’t make financial sense. Good updates but not worth it. If it’s maybe a 6 or 7, then yes possibly, but even if it was an 8 a definite no. Like others said, it’s just a damn phone. Also, if I wanted great photos I’d use my DSLR professional camera. Blows any phone camera period.

  35. tanafc96

    Not worth it and I know both phones very very well. This is even less than 5-5s and 6-6s

  36. emizzu

    What's funny is that when i opened the video ,a huawei ad jump in.😄

  37. Divagirlsd

    I will not be upgrading I’m happy with my iPhone X

  38. 방탄아미길만걷자

    I have an se. Should I buy the X or XS?

  39. Shayan Kanani

    How can we make this shit more expensive? We could remove the headphone dongle this time. Fucking genius👏👏👏👏

  40. AlbiNation

    Can you give me a phone lol

  41. Magg78

    Unless you manufacture money there is no reason to upgrade after one year. Period.

  42. Maiso

    I’m upgrading from a 6S to an XS

  43. Samuel Mollenhauer

    You are totally right. I love Apple probably as much as you, but until they come out with a triple camera system and a smaller notch, with nano second load time I will stick to iPhone X #hellofuture

  44. Curtie

    As someone wanting to upgrade at Christmas time from a iPhone 6s to any x series, which one is the best?

  45. Olga Ratasik


  46. Javier Baquera

    I have an iPhone 7 should I get the normal ten or s max

  47. anand0010

    wow apple........How boring

  48. Sihath Dasanayake

    I seriously expected him to say to upgrade

  49. Marc

    I have the X. Not gonna upgrade barely any difference at all we’ll see next year

  50. FlyGuy FromThe-6

    Is it just me or did the lightning port look bigger on the Xs?