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    1. saranghae itzy

      trending 2 in Malaysia

    2. Namjoonology

      Yesss ❤

    3. Twice Is Love

      _Wowww, it's so nice_ ✨😍👍

    4. Yuki Senpai

      3:34 itz ma bias

    5. Ramzi Maysan

      Guys , vote for ITZY in Mcountdown , y'll can download it in play store ok 😉. , Keep streaming 💙❤️💚💙

    6. alicia_taehyungzee ♥♥

      it sounds kinda like Megan Trainors "Me Too" song in the begining......

    7. Sarah Stefany

      Brazil love you!

    8. Alritch Ang

      please vote for our monster rookies here they're currently at the 2nd spot with 28.7% (#1 twit - Hwasa)

    9. Lɪsᴀ BTS owns my soul

      Does Itzy Fandom already have a name? ♥ If not until they give us a name let's call us... ITZENS? 😂👌

    10. HWANGHYUNJINNN stanstraykids

      How many views we've got yesterday?

    11. Wais Rezky

      48M already we need 2M to react 50M in first week lets break the record as a debut MV to faster react 50M !!!

    12. My heart got stabbed by SANA's NOSE

      stiil trending #9 here in Philippines

    13. Mademoiselle CAMEMBERT msp

      J'adore ! Il y' a des français ici ?

    14. Trường Lê

      MV Beautiful Hit Dalla Dalla 48M Top 21 Trending On Vietnam

    15. Imaselly

      48.015.378 visualizaciones 16|02|2019 04:32 pm

    16. Julian Ray Ofalla

      just wanna say blackpink is till the best ^_^

      1. Alritch Ang

        yall stop bring blackpink here makes me sick lol

      2. My heart got stabbed by SANA's NOSE

        triggered by a rookie group? 6 days old group haha😂 ohmygad

      3. Lɪsᴀ BTS owns my soul

        Sorry but what the heck? This group literally just debuted and people already compare them to BLACKPINK?? TF!? Please Stop. Just stop. Sorry but they just had their debut. Please don't.

      4. Maria Fernanda

        just wanna say bp ain't shit in vocals and choreography compared to ITZY✌

    17. K-Armys e K-blinks JIKOOKIANNASEMLIMITES

      Melhor q MOMOLAND!!

    18. STRAYTWITZY stan

      Come on ❤️

    19. Ramzi Maysan

      Keep streaming guys , Work hard to reach 50M views

    20. _BBsweety_

      50M views tomorrow! Who is with me?!?

      1. STRAYTWITZY stan


    21. *Valentina Villalobos*

      How many fans are stre@ming right now?!?

      1. STRAYTWITZY stan


      2. Gumi Clori


      3. Ramzi Maysan


    22. Esther Sung

      The contestants of Produce 33 will find this hard to cover😂

    23. STRAYTWITZY stan

      Yay! 48M done➡️49M➡️50M Hwaiting! Less than 18 hours

    24. ITZY BITZY

      2 Million Views To Go!!! We can do it!!

    25. Gumi Clori

      48M 🔓🎉💟👏 49M 🔒💚 50M 🔒💙 51M 🔒❤ 52M 🔒💜

    26. Trường Lê

      1,3M Like

    27. Kelly Zheng


    28. Kelly Zheng


    29. Sahil Rajpal

      Can anyone gimme the timer count of each member please?..Appreciate it

    30. ariana flores

      50M si se puede

    31. lordina kruszwica


    32. orathai goram


    33. Angelina Cruffington

      Honestly I thought this was Twice and they came out with a new song...

    34. Jimin Trash


    35. POULPIPI

      Im just confused about Lia and Yuna . Are they twins?!!! XD

    36. Gav

      146mil unlikes,i will hit all of you haters☺☺,thanks for your views

    37. peachiipoptrash

      the girl with the cat eyes is so freaking pretty

    38. Sadika

      I swear I'm already in love with this group and the members by the way what's the fandoms name?

      1. STRAYTWITZY stan

        +Sadika the name is not official yet. I call myself bitzy 😂

      2. Sadika

        +STRAYTWITZY stan but how comes I see some people calling themselves witzy I thought that was the fandoms name isnt it?

      3. Sadika

        +STRAYTWITZY stan oh ok when there is a name I'm going to be the first to join the fandom well I am already obsessed with them

      4. STRAYTWITZY stan

        We haven't got name yet

    39. spicy sweet

      Mal começaram e já estão arrasando. São melhores que twice e BlackPink 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    40. Tshering Yang

      The View froze..comon guys!!!

    41. STRAYTWITZY stan

      Less than 18 hours to get 50M views! Keep hwaiting!

    42. Fernanda Carrera

      100M!!!! Yaaa🥰🤙🏻


      I like when the song starts because sounds like old kpop songs, but after change and I don't like at all, but it's ok ...

    44. mischamoodledoo Mrb22

      ARMY here supporting itzy❤️

    45. Jinky Uy Barreta

      50m guys lets do this!!! itzy fighting 💖

    46. lamano deconejo


    47. Manuela Usme Villegas

      la cancion de kpop del 2019 que mas repito jamas me canso de escucharla

    48. Alec The King

      Why are her boobs baseballs @Yeji

    49. Manuela Usme Villegas

      super encantada de este grupo ITZY me enemore soy de medellin colombia y pregunto cunaod sacan el dance practice de la cancion? que quiero que salga por fa ,las admiro

      1. Gumi Clori

        Esperemos que lo saquen pronto por el momento solo nos queda esperar

    50. SireLight

      yAssssss *already fangirling*

    51. Maham Mubasher

      At first I didnt like it but now I'm in love with it 💖

    52. Maham Mubasher

      This got v**ws so quick my gosh

    53. Mia Chapman

      can someone help me get to know who's who?

    54. abi villa

      Me hizo acordar al kpop de antes, me encanta!! Puro talento.

    55. karen

      at first i didn’t really love it but the more listened the more i started to LOVE this song

    56. STRAYTWITZY stan

      Hwaiting 48M!

    57. bangchan sonyeondan

      This may or may not have become one of my all time favourite songs 👌👌

    58. Seventeen

      Вы тоже заметили надпись "стиль"?

    59. kpop fan


    60. lkuukiks


    61. layla x

      they deserved a better beat.

    62. yuphoriia X

      Here we go 50M

    63. J S

      It's like a mix of bp and rv

    64. jihyo loves

      LETS 50M

    65. Mai Mai

      Lia is really pretty. Her visuals is stunning and eye-catching. 😍❤️

    66. J-Marie❤️

      My bias is the asian one🥰

    67. ilpal ilsam sampal ddaeng

      i don't stan them so. this song is great but that girl's clothes that dances in the middle in the first chorus........ i think i just don't understand nowadays fashion.

    68. Maria Sîrbu

      It's weird I like all the song expect for the chorus, is like somehow it doesn't fit, it goes from real hype to kind of boring?

    69. Fahj T

      Trending #2 in Malaysia

    70. Christina Yan

      The song changes the beat more than Sicko Mode

    71. 김철호

      love this song!

    72. 김철호

      Please hard stream!!

    73. 김철호

      48M go ~~

    74. العلم للجميع

      Why do I feel it soo twice 🤔

    75. TRUE剑胆琴心

      A very good debut song and MV i will say.

    76. Henning Gu

      I'm gonna be optimistic and assume that we can 50 million views by tomorrow.

      1. STRAYTWITZY stan

        I hope too 😅

    77. better think about it twice

      *allá their debut stages has more than +1 million of views~* *please don't forget to vote for them in Mcountdown and Music Bank*

    78. Fajar Juan

      #11 In Indonesia after 2 days at the top!

    79. Nada kook

      sorry but i like blackpink the most 😒😒😒😒😒

      1. Yağmur Koçak

        so go and watch blackpink

      2. norman helmi

        "Im sorry i dont care dont care really dont care" - Yeji

      3. Nurul Atikah Marzukhi

        Then what are you doing here? Anyway thanks for the view👏👏

      4. Is Sana gay? Yes or Yes?

        What does BLACKPINK have to do with ITZY?

    80. Zam Zoro

      OMG!!! YUNA...i can feel jihyo vibe in her...anyone with me?

    81. Sarah St-Georges

      1:16 anyone know where homegirl with the leopard jacket got her pants from

    82. *Valentina Villalobos*

      50M in 7 days? *Fighting*

    83. Kpop Trash

      Ryujin is so prettyyy what da heck?? 😍

    84. ty ly

      Their music is totally my type when comes to girl groups I like fun and catchy songs

    85. VallejosxKawaii

      Debut song, 45M wtf

    86. BTS and TXT walk hand in hand

      Ok... This song grew on me. I can only tell apart Yeji and Lia yet tho... Need to watch more videos

    87. Kelly SM


    88. Arabella dy

      wth its still trending in Philippines

    89. Little Liz

      Why does this give me bts and ateez vibes?🤔🤔🤔 #gogo #hallahalla

      1. ty ly


    90. 김철호


    91. Yeolda •-•

      Definitely not my type of music but, let's hope for better songs in the future

    92. levi's bae

      Is there a fandom name?

      1. Maria Rullestad Teigen

        Not yet

    93. ana ana


    94. ana ana


    95. ana ana


    96. kim hana

      Fayting 😙😙😙😙 💪💪💪💪💪💪💖💖💖💖💖

    97. ana ana


    98. ana ana


    99. ana ana