Kristen Bell Explains Medical Condition and Pool Gloves

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    Kristen talks about her undiscovered medical condition that requires her to wear gloves in the pool, her husband Dax Shepard making fun of her for it, and she learns that there is actually a product out there to help people with issues just like her.
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    Kristen Bell Explains Medical Condition and Pool Gloves

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    1. jtofspades

      Yass I totally understand that feeling but with cotton balls. I literally cant hold onto cotton balls or anything with cotton balls in it because the feeling of it makes me want to throw up.

    2. TEA kH

      Yup. I've got this!

    3. Hanna Valek

      No no my boyfriend has the same issue!!!

    4. Courtney Fink

      Sensory processing disorder. Specially with tactile defensiveness. I have that same thing. Not with pruney fingers, but many other things.

    5. Disneyland or Disney videos Disney

      She said is it a chill pill

    6. John Standford

      where i see her anal sex tape with dax and random negro from lgbt society??

    7. Wild Mix kids

      I think the fingers are gross

    8. Wild Mix kids

      I hate the feeling of the fingers too

    9. WateverWatever04

      Not that I know a lot about this (or even anything about it tbh), but couldn't that be a very mild version of sensory processing disorder? Like she could just be overloaded on her sense of touch...?

    10. bieberandabeat4

      This is ocd I have similar things

    11. moja6380

      Dax for sure is a lucky guy

    12. Giovanna H

      I have this too!! But it doesn’t make me gag, it just feels excruciating to touch anything with pruny hands.

    13. jess mcwilliams


    14. Jonah Noelle

      Yes I have this too!!!

    15. alice Keller

      PSYCHO STARBUCKS Barista at 790 oak grove rd concord, ca Sherry Padilla is a 4' 5" 275lb short hair 71 year old that calls customers darling, hun, sweetie or honey and if you did not hear her she will say i just called you darling, sweetie or honey.

    16. emily burke

      I dont have a problem with touching skin but if my hands are wet dont bring paper or cardboard near me🙅😵

    17. Lindsey McCormick

      All Sensory

    18. hailey rose

      Its called sensory processing disorder !

    19. brittannie burris


    20. Angelo White

      I suffer from the condition as well to. Its your mind playing games with you

    21. mimixownzall


    22. nellybre5111979

      It is discovered already. It's called sensory processing disorder or spd...

      1. nellybre5111979

        Oh and millions of people has the issue it's just not the same for everyone in every way and intensity

    23. afropoppette

      I was thinking along the lines of sensory processing differences.

    24. Kandace Russell

      I’m one of the 10

    25. Chloe Cleaver

      If my hands are wet, I can't touch towels, cardboard, almost like anything or I cringe so hard, I literally cannot.

    26. Countfoscolikesmice

      but what if a sloth was in the pool for hours and had pruney pads?

    27. Tom Roberts

      Kristien Bell, you’re a great actress, and I love “the good place”. But I need to correct you on this. Our fingers do that to have a better grip in the wet.

    28. Trevinatot Gaming

      It’s not a medical condition because all the things she describes matches as a phobia

    29. insert awesome name here Bishop

      Having aversions to certain textures is a common thing. I gag if I touch cotton balls or if I have anything cloth in my mouth.

    30. Gravitation3Beatles3

      I suffer from this! 😭😭

    31. David Halley

      Kristen has a repressed memory of a traumatic event with water or a pool, that is "hiding" behind this weird phobia. You can hear her get emotional when she starts talking about it.

    32. Shelby Fisher

      I mean, I freak out if my face gets wet while showering. I hear autism could cause this moisture trigger since it’s a common trigger, but it could also be attributed to anxiety or OCD. It’s worth looking into. Prunyness never bothered me, personally, but I grew up taking 8 hour baths, reading, so I guess maybe I’m just really used to it.

    33. KaliDreamin 88

      I hate pruny skin

    34. Danny DeLorean

      Fingers pruning is a adaptation so our species can more easily grip things that a submerged in the water, she's ridiculous.

    35. MG W

      Dude is such a sexist! Disgusting

    36. Will & Rebel


    37. Kylie Catan

      What about if ur showering Kristin?

    38. Courtney Herz Art and Illustration

      Fingertip ridges don't bug me, but I do have sensory sensitivities that other people think are stupid, so I feel her pain. LOL.

    39. Jessica Zabriskie

      I feel for her. :) While I don't have that specific...condition(?)...I can confirm that there are parts of my body where if someone were to tap me, I feel it like a soft bass drum in my ears. Everyone I've told about it thinks it's weird. It's kinda nice to hear her talk about it...There are dozens of us!

    40. mariethatsme

      I AM NOT ALONEEEEE 🙌🙌🙌🙌 < note praisey hands respectfully not touching each other. I can’t believe how validating this is!

    41. Marjorie Henkel

      I totally understand I hate how that feels!

    42. TD McCoy

      I don't like dry stuff on my hands. Makes my palms sweat and makes my mouth water. It grosses me out. Like foam or cotton balls... yuck, nasty.

    43. Lady H. Wotton

      Ahaha my sister is the same. i always thought my sister was a whackjob for always having her hands above water so they don’t get pruny. Tbh still think she is. But at least her kid is the only exception to the no-pruny-finger-touchy-rule.

    44. Avenzia K

      what about her toes, she needs shoes too 💁🏼‍♀️

    45. ElizabethSCarroll

      Omg! I’m not alone, this is legitimately a thing!

    46. Couch Warrior 420

      We will free you Jimmy !!!!!

    47. jackie lehman

      Omg my bestie his the same way!!!!😂

    48. Hannah Ferla

      I thought I was just weird!! I absolutely HATE touching my own fingers when they are wet. It gives me actual chills down my spine. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. It’s like they stick together, almost drag when they touch. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!

    49. tubeyuber65

      So I get he's poking fun but honestly tho, I wonder if its the same for her feet? Does she have special shoes as well? I'd genuinely like to know more

    50. Sarah Squared

      Wait how does she shower? Is that okay? Lol