Magician Shin Lim, 'AGT' Winner, Leaves Ellen Speechless



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    Newly crowned "America's Got Talent" winner Shin Lim left Ellen speechless after showing her an incredible card trick that will leave you speechless too!

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    1. kavinda gunathilaka

      Idk sometimes he is look like Michael Jackson

    2. Faith Johnson

      I want explanations

    3. Two Good Hands

      Slim jim won!!!

    4. 日以外と목검하고

      Why dint bts win

    5. Justin Donila

      Hahahaha.. ellen's face is hilarious when she sees that her card came out from the magicians mouth hahaha

    6. Subscribe Me For No Reason

      Who loves Shin Lim and Ellen? 😍

    7. Faith Johnson

      Not gonna lie he's kinda cute

    8. Hannah Cruz

      So... I think I might be lowkey high-key into this magician hahaha

    9. Kevin XVI

      Omg at 1:02 and 1:03 mins u can see the card! look at his hand (put slow mo)

    10. Wiley

      I saw the sleight of hand. She didn’t put her card in her mouth. Dunno bout the first top/bottom though

    11. Qistie Sallustro

      he is so cute

    12. Savage King23

      Wizard 🧙‍♂️ this guy is a wizard

    13. ME102Group9

      Can someone explain how he does the trick?!

    14. Deez Nutz

      I didn't know he had won ! Congratulations !

    15. Jared Beaufait

      His trick at 2:30 is legit impossible, they definitely edited it, they do it all the time on agt

    16. Ricky Cheng

      They basically just kissed 😂😂

    17. Big 1400

      @ 1:55 when he flips the 10 of hearts with ellens signature on it he then flips it over on top of the pile which he then slides the card under the 10 of hearts out and folds it and puts in it ellens mouth ( the card he folded and put in ellens mouth is a queen of spades with his signature on it that he placed in there before coming onto the show which is under the 10 of hearts ) he then grabs ellens card which was on top of the deck the whole time n puts that in his mouth and if you look closley he doesnt just fold the card up and put it in his mouth he flips it upside down on the deck and then takes a card out again.

    18. Mehdi X. Ismael

      It looks to me like she doesn't care for magic tricks 😅

    19. Crystal Reid

      No surprise he won 🙌🏾🙌🏾❤. Dude got talent.

    20. Night Frost

      he's so attractive...

    21. anntanay Moultrie

      Why he look like momo😭💀

    22. Rachel Rackley

      Why does he look like an Asian version of Johnathan from stranger things😂

    23. Lego Wards

      Not as good as Mat Franco was

    24. Kaneki Ken

      Ellen’s reactions are priceless

    25. The Artist Bros

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    26. J

      i saw his other video performances ,he definitely a master😁handsome! congrats😀😃👏🏽

    27. Owls are everything


    28. Mhmd Ba

      Dafaq real magic

    29. Nate

      So, second trick with the bending cards: The card he gave her from the start was one he had previously signed, since he can easily replicate his own signature but not hers. He switched her signed card with one of his, gave it to her, made a duplicate of his, pretended to fold that one when he really switched it for hers (which was still in the deck) and folded that.

    30. KXV237

      Freakin AMAAAAAZING!!!!

    31. mermaidontherun

      He reminds me of Robert Pattinson 😍

    32. Captain Dedpul

      Wakanda Sykes!

    33. ProdigyF1_Gaming Freeeeeeeeee moneyyyyyyyy

    34. Blaine Blaine

      He didn’t show her the 10 when he folded it so he gave her a queen with his signature then signed another queen with his signature but then folded up her 10 an put it in his mouth

    35. YoungCreator

      last trick i saw how he did it. he never gave ellen the hearts one

    36. food

      id like to see him more a lot more on tv

    37. Just A Leaf

      When Ellen answered "top," Shin just had such a shit-eating grin. He knows about the fujoshis out there lol

    38. Home Cooking

      So happy for you Shin Lim!!

    39. Erika Leigh Beroncal

      Honestly the most deserving winner hands down. Good job Shin Lim! 👌🏻 you’re freakin amazing

    40. KDF Kdf

      WHAT!how? How? HOW?!! It was in their mouths!

    41. oiTzWarZoneo

      HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE WTF. I usually think slight of hand it the reason for most magic but this is just crazy.

    42. Erika Leigh Beroncal

      Okay that’s black magic fam

    43. 13ullet

      Ellen this guy is insanely good

    44. jesse younog

      some basic ass magic tricks

    45. jef

      2nd trick was witchcraft no doubt

    46. Charles Brown


    47. Edward Lee

      Top or bottom...? :D

    48. Angie MontoyaCuri

      3:05, cuts to "hi i'm andy." Lol!!!!!!!!!

    49. Alayna Lockard

      Why so beautiful 😍😍😍