Mariah Carey - With You (Live from the American Music Awards)



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    1. b r e e z y j i m i n


    2. b r e e z y j i m i n


    3. NATHAN

      This is your time

    4. Francesco -


    5. luabrandlu

      Unbeatable, unstoppable

    6. rluis79

      Ya'll better purchase #Caution tomorrow or I will hunt you down.

    7. luabrandlu

      My Aphrodite, i Love you!!!

    8. Sylvain Cousin

      Sylvain cousin moi j aime beaucoup sa musique à ma chanteuse mariah Carey elle et tous pour moi c'est la chanteuse que j aime deux tous mon coeur mariah Carey Sylvain cousin mariah Carey ç est une grande diva avec sa superbe musique je l adore ma chanteuse mariah Carey elle et super jolie comme une fleur rouge Sylvain cousin

    9. Tshepiso Motaung

      yessssss ever since that bone thug song,damn I fucks with you Mariah

    10. Akío Aslan

      This live version sounds so much better than the original song

    11. Blendo HenriQue

      Essa música e performance são viciante! 😘🇧🇷

    12. Million Names

      Dam I fucks with you give the keys to zeus leave your heart on the mat

    13. Million Names

      My love

    14. Hildenrique Marques OFC

      Quão feliz eu fico em ver Mariah se superando mais e mais. #diva

    15. jjjonse

      LOVE this. I see you, Mariah!

    16. Ibifuro Kemmer

      Ever green

    17. Disney stuff

      Absolutely iconic

    18. Emilie Ida Gustafsson Rasmussen

      Does that voice in the beginning really say "mustard on that beat, hoe"... Cause that's really weird lmao

    19. bgonya06

      This is beautiful

    20. LONG Andy

      Another hit of my love

    21. Hagakurre

      The choreography is so amazing! 😍

    22. dandelion Kim

      dicopy via valenlol

    23. laurenshild

      Beautiful performance! You can tell so much went into this. The choreo was beautiful and I loved the feathers. I had NO idea they were under there at first. Such a fun surprise. Their movements were stunning. Mariah looked and sounded gorgeous. Kudos.

    24. Tondt PYng

      Love you,Mariah

    25. Gabriela Castillo

      Mariah Carey I hope you see this but I've been a BIG Fan since I was 8 and till this day I still am👌. I ❤ your 🎶 so much, your vocals are everything. I have nothing but poster's and your perfumes in my room. That's all you see in my room is Mariah Carey. You are a Legend forever and always will be💖 and the most beautiful woman I've ever seen😘😍 Btw I LOVE YOU GURL💖💖

    26. Reba Wiles

      a career that spans more than three times what the industry allows and she still sounds better than most

    27. Vegan Spread Love


    28. Robert Jackowski

      Playback :(

      1. jaguar 41

        Definitely! 🤨

    29. Carol Raposo

      She dint't move a one m

      1. jacqualine MC

        Coz her coins do~

    30. Joshua Waddy

      This was stunning.

    31. Leonardo Bolzan


    32. ameliatango

      3:02-3:03. WOW. How? How she did that?

    33. Jeff S.

      Mariah, you are everything! Such a legend. Unparalleled. I wish people knew how much effort she puts into her art! She is unbelievably talented and a freaking musical genius!

    34. Jeff S.

      I like this version better than the record.

    35. Mayson Lennon


    36. EmAndCece In Korea


    37. Brenda Caslin

      I love Mariah carey and her vocals is amazing

    38. shereen Kaddour


    39. Mccoy Deleon

      Queen 👸

    40. Kadir Karataş

      She is a walking legend indeed! A skinny one too ;)

    41. Joseline Hernandez

      Dem tight ass vocals &runs tjhough⚡

    42. David Seeg

      This is so 2000’s... I love it

    43. Yuki Sakura


    44. Joe Juan Jr.

      I love you MC

    45. Al-Drimar Ahadi

      Yes! Queen raise your hand again like you’ve done before 💫🌟💫

    46. Finn

      Biggest surprise of the night.Happy to see her killing it again 😧💯

    47. pinoy youtuber

      This is LIVE people, listen on a High Fi sound output.

    48. M Amiroel M

      Who's here after watched via vallen performs on Shopee 11:11 ?

    49. Sarah Brooks

      Mariah you killed this.. but how about Vanessa Huggins rocking to your Fab

    50. Hawa Coulibaly