NR VLOG: PADMATE PAMU First Impressions | These wireless earbuds will surprise you

Navin Ramaswaran

Navin Ramaswaran

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    My first impressions of the Padmate Pamu wireless earbuds. This is NOT a technical review but my personal opinion. This is not a comparison between the Bose QC35ii mentioned in my video and the Pamu. I was not paid or commissioned by Padmate for this video.

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    1. Navin Ramaswaran

      Hey guys, if you're thinking of purchasing a pair of Pamu earbuds, consider using this link (and selecting "Secret Perk") to get $3 off your shipping!

      1. Navin Ramaswaran

        Madhawa Illangaratne It should have gone through. Did you check your junk folder for the email? If you don’t receive any confirmation shoot Padmate an email. Their customer service is good.

      2. Madhawa Illangaratne

        I used the link provided and made the purchase. But I didn't get any email confirmation for the purchase I did. However it shows in my account as a contribution

    2. Lionel Aaron D'souza

      Worst company, fraduleant service and they haven't delivered me the devices. Do not buy the earphones and support this company. I have been trying to reach out to them numerous number of times and they haven't given me a valid tracking ID from USPS. I don't know if they have even sent out any earphones. This is a fraud company and they campaign in indegogo is just to make money. Really dissatisfied and disappointed customer.

      1. Navin Ramaswaran

        I've heard of a few people having this issue. Even I haven't received the new editions which I purchased last year during their second Indiegogo campaign. They started out really strong, so I hope the company gets their act together and rectify the situation.

    3. Witskhay

      Hey! Great video, i am about to get the tronsmart ones (they the exact same earbuds) i just want to know if there is latency while watchung a video on BR-new with these earbuds Thanks

      1. Navin Ramaswaran

        Witskhay I don’t have much experience with earphones under $30. But if I come across any, I’ll review them. Thanks!

      2. Witskhay

        +Navin Ramaswaran what wireless earbuds do you recommend pe for under 30 bucks aside of the tronsmart ones? Thanks

      3. Witskhay

        +Navin Ramaswaran okay, thank you!

      4. Navin Ramaswaran

        Witskhay Hey there! There is some latency for sure but it hasn’t truly bothered me. Having said that I mostly use these when listening to music. They’re also releasing a newer version that’s equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 which should help reduce latency even more. I’ll post a review if I get my hands on a pair soon.

    4. Padmate

      Thank you for the review,purchase

    5. Vipul Haran

      Hi Navin, I have recently subscribed you, and i watched this video today. The price of PaMu earbuds right now is $79.90. Would you still recommend me to go for this pair of earbuds in this price range or would you recommend me another one?

      1. Navin Ramaswaran

        Vipul Haran Not sure as of now. I’m not actually affiliated with them, but I’m keeping an eye on the product.

      2. Vipul Haran

        Also, by when can i expect loop earbuds to be available on indiegogo?

      3. Vipul Haran

        Thanks Navin, keep up the good work!

      4. Navin Ramaswaran

        Vipul Haran Hey there - I’ve had this pair for a few months now and still use it often. For under $100 I think it’s still worth it. However, I’m curious to check out Loop Earbuds - Might be worth waiting to check out reviews for that one before making your final decision. But if you need something immediately, I’d still recommend PaMu.

    6. James Chudy

      These suck. So quiet, touch buttons keep getting pressed and it just Pauses. Can't turn down or up without phone. Everything thing else besides sound volume is great.

    7. Live And Inspired

      Do not buy these headphones. Mine arrived broken, company refuses to send me new ones, they just ask the same questions over and over. Don't waste your money. Company also lied, these are not waterproof as stated during their campaign they are water resistant. You can't swim, or jetski or surf using these as stated (with pictures) during their campaign. They are water resistant to sweat/rain only.


        Tnx bro

    8. sigidpam

      nice review!! see my channel also

    9. Rob Simpson

      I have a pair that are faulty - cannot switch them off at all. They are ment to power down when placed back in the case & then recharge BUT there are faults that make them pretty useless, when they won't power down the battery dies in a few hours. Useless & the company that sell them do not want to know once they have your money - there is NO customer support whatsoever. People please be aware of this if you are thinking of buying - personally i would look elsewhere.

    10. Johnny S Lingard

      Maybe this can be weird But what should i buy? Jaybird X3 or these ones?

      1. Johnny S Lingard

        Ok, Thanks, and dont worry. Could you make a Review of them?

      2. Navin Ramaswaran

        johnnysanti15 algo personal Hey there - I haven’t tried the Jaybird X3 so I wouldn’t be able to provide a comparison unfortunately.

    11. Rohith Makam

      Great video. I have backed the campaign as well hoping that the product comes good. How much time did they take to deliver the product?

      1. Navin Ramaswaran

        Rohith Makam I purchased it during their Indiegogo campaign (mid/late March) and it was delivered within their estimated time, which was end of May/early April I believe.

    12. Simon lee

      Im getting high audio latency like almost 400ms, its obvious when im playing mobile games... anyone facing similar problem with this device? I paired this with note8.

    13. Aryan

      Can i swim with them?

      1. Navin Ramaswaran

        I haven't tested the water resistance of this unit. Their ad does shot someone taking a shower with them but I am not able to say if you can swim while wearing them. Please head over to where you can speak directly to Padmate's customer service. Thanks!

    14. Ali Fakhruddin

      I ev ordered two of them. Can't wait to try them out. Guess they 'll be a good asset for my PSVITA and Light Phone 2 on the go. :-)

      1. Navin Ramaswaran

        Ali Fakhruddin Nice! I just tried it out on an airplane too, and the noise reduction was quite good too. Let me know what you think of it!

    15. PiNkY Pereira

      Thanks bro I ordered mine and can't wait ... If u had to pick powebeats 3 or these what would u pick 😏🤗

      1. PiNkY Pereira

        Navin Ramaswaran what could u compare it to

      2. Navin Ramaswaran

        I'm unable to provide an accurate answer since I don't have the Powerbeats with me to do a comparison unfortunately. I'm sure you'll be happy with your purchase however. It's hard to beat for the price currently.

      3. PiNkY Pereira

        Like I already ordered mine I'm just waiting for them but I'm just curious just to know more information

      4. PiNkY Pereira

        So now would u say the sound is better on the PaMu Waterproof or the 3s? And in terms of loudness would you say that the threes are louder on max volume or would you say the PaMu?

      5. Navin Ramaswaran

        Hi there - I've only tried the Powerbeats 3 once and I liked the audio quality. However, the plastic part that wraps around your ears get uncomfortable after awhile. Plus, I was looking for some truly wireless earbuds, which the Powerbeats aren't.

    16. Aryudsoh

      Main problem I have with these is how large they are. They look like big earrings once they're in.

      1. Navin Ramaswaran

        Aryudsoh - I haven’t been able to find a wireless earbud set that’s significantly smaller. Even the Bose ones are similar in size. Have you had any experience with smaller ones?

    17. DalisYn

      This video is going to do numbers. New sub

    18. Razor VII

      Hi, just wanted to ask if you ever tried to connect them with a laptop? and also if there is an audio video delay?

      1. Razor VII

        still waiting for my unit. thanks for the update man. like your review. really helps especially for crowdfunding products

      2. Navin Ramaswaran

        Razor VII - I re-evaluated the audio delay and my opinion has changed. I watched 2 episodes of a tv show on an airplane and the delay was acceptable and wasn’t an issue at all.

      3. Razor VII

        will test them out once i receive my unit lol cant wait

      4. Navin Ramaswaran

        snowspot adventures - Interesting... I’d have to try it out on a PC. Thanks for the info! 👌🏽

      5. snowspot adventures

        watching this vid with my pamu on and i don't notice any delay. windows pc

    19. Đŕ. ĒvïŁ

      Thanks buddy for the video. you're awesome ❤