RADHA Floors Adam Levine with Jessie J's "Mamma Knows Best" - The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

The Voice

The Voice

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    Kelly Clarkson can’t believe Jennifer Hudson is blocked from gaining powerhouse RADHA on her team. Her Blind Audition performance to Jessie J's "Mamma Knows Best" has Adam Levine and Blake Shelton amazed.
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    NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.
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    The Voice 2018 USA BR-new channel features exclusive content with The Voice coaches, highlights from The Voice auditions, interviews with The Voice winners, as well as The Voice recaps and results. Learn more about The Voice contestants, The Voice tour, the eliminations, and follow your favorite performers all the way to the finale. In season 15, returning coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and welcomes back Jennifer Hudson as celebrity musician coaches, while Carson Daly continues to serve as host. The show’s innovative format features five stages of competition: the first begins with the blind auditions, followed by the battle rounds, the knockouts, the live playoffs and finally, the live performance shows.
    RADHA Floors Adam Levine with Jessie J's "Mamma Knows Best" - The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions
    The Voice

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    1. MorissetteMedia.

      Shes very loud but her voice seems really tight

    2. Cliff The cave man

      Her voice is something special. You don’t hear them like that no more

    3. Jeffrey Escalante

      goodluck nadine lustre sa journey mo sa the voice usa... hehehe 😂😂😂

    4. Aimee Allosa

      She looks so much like Lana Condor of To All The Boys I Loved Before! 😂

    5. CookieBiscuit

      Can anyone help me please. I'm looking for this one contestant on the voice 15 but he's not here. His name is Patrique something. He is good and more importantly I really wanna know what's song that he sang. It bothers me a lot.😖

    6. Mr. ToadTheGamer

      #1 trending

    7. Fa Rit

      #1 On trending ♥️

    8. Drizzy Dj

      sub to my channel lit content coming soon

    9. Wuba Holly

      Whitney Reign where are you girl ?

    10. Tom Catinella

      I don't like the song choice. Just my opinion. She's okay.

    11. holton browning


    12. Xenija Grünschnabel

      Who the hell cares what ethnicity she is? She's amazing.

    13. technologyislife1

      #1 on trending?!

    14. Wuba Holly

      Kelly 0:31

    15. Ashley Schmidt

      I think all the coaches are talented but I do not like that they can block each other. If the coach turns, it should be up to the contestant to pick the best fit for them and it shouldn’t be “blocked” by another coach. It’s unfortunate if she was really hoping to get Jennifer and even though she turned, she couldn’t pick her. She’s lucky to be on the show & very talented but still....

    16. Nagham Noufal

      Trending 1 @nepal

    17. Ammar Basharat


    18. Ammar Basharat


    19. João Gabriel

      MY GIRL JESSIE ❤❤❤❤❤

    20. Ammar Basharat


      1. Richard Morrison


    21. Thomas

      The statement that this is the era of the female truly ruined the experience for me. There was absolutely no need to throw that in, because she was already owning the moment. That was a very pandering move by Adam.

    22. imabuttface smith

      #1 ON TRENDING

    23. Jade xxo


    24. Phoenix Jones

      Jennifer literally kills me lmao

    25. Frenn Moreno

      What?? #1 Trending 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    26. Dillon August

      How the heck did it take the other judges so long to push their buttons??? Whatever

    27. suwandi wandi

      I hope she make it to the final and duet with Jessie. They're gonna burn the house down.

    28. GarageStudio

      0:32 *Kelly Clarkson* just casually hitting the same run 😍

    29. rickma235

      I wonder why kelly didn't turn??

    30. Sport Definiton TV

      she a beast!!!! wow!

    31. King AndMoreKing

      Retire this song PLEASE

    32. p 4

      i thought rhada

    33. Meth C

      Filipino again.

    34. Adir Jorge

      😱 loved 🔥❤️❤️❤️

    35. Marvin Timbreza

      laki pinayat nya ha galing nmn d'voice Philippines ang sinalihan nya dati tas ngyon I'n voice comp n. nice nice GL

    36. NameMeDonna

      The blocked feature is just unfair to artists

    37. Taisha Holmes

      That's my niece friend.... Great job

    38. Kristina Martines

      Hey errbody! That’s my sister Radha Martinez. Make sure to follow her on insta and Twitter to keep up with all her stuff. Her Instagram is @theofficialradha and her Twitter is @officialradha GO FOLLOW and thank you so much for supporting ❤️❤️ means the world to both and and Radha

    39. Jed Tamboong

      She's Asian right?

    40. Ian Agustino

      Kelly Clarkson imitating this girl’s high note with ease is proof why she needs to be a regular coach in this show. I mean-

    41. Ann Myrell Felesco

      You're so hot and cute at the same time, Adam.

    42. Devi Mei

      Awesome !!

    43. Smriti Joys

      I love how focused Jennifer is💙😂

    44. Ethan Anderson

      i dont like that new blocking feature. its unfair for the singer and just makes it better for the judge

    45. Julianne Szach

      What are those extra buttons on judge's chair?

    46. Jack Daniel

      I think she isn't asian girl?!

    47. Pari Tripathi

      Adam will just ruin her like he did with other contestants, by destroying their range. I wanted her to choose J-hud but Adam is playing so mot fair.