TAKI TAKI - DJ Snake, Cardi B, Ozuna & Selena Gomez Dance | Matt Steffanina & Chachi

Matt Steffanina

Matt Steffanina

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    "TAKI TAKI" Dance Choreography by Matt Steffanina & Chachi
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    Song: DJ Snake - "Taki Taki" ft Ozuna, Cardi B & Selena Gomez
    Choreography by: Matt Steffanina & Chachi Gonzales
    Filmed by: Ryan Parma
    Edited by: Matt Steffanina
    Location: Millennium Dance Complex
    #MattSteffanina #TakiTaki #TakiTakiChallenge #Dance Rumba

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    1. Mauro Mendoza

      4:21 diosssss¡¡¡¡¡¡

    2. Hackers4U

      How is Jukka allowing this dance wid Chachi and matt at 0.45 xD amazing dance and the body movement,no words

    3. Asif SHAIKH

      i can beat them

    4. Barbiegirlxo

      "if i can get 50,000 likes" Dude your at almost 500K !!

    5. Софья Каргина

      Как называется песня?

    6. Kishen Mehra

      7:24 pink top girl just beating everyone. Cool expressions. Killer moves

    7. Ariana Curbelo

      yooo y’all should do “Brillo” by J Balvin ft. ROSALIA

    8. jamuna dhimal

      Really loved I watched 50 times

    9. soumen mete


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      Pls subscribe to my channel and I will do it back I'm.A.dancer too

    11. Gina Playz735

      Baiken?? anyone?!? just meh?

    12. Neloy Rafi

      The black guy played tHe gamE

    13. Jomari Basoy


    14. Jomari Basoy


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      Muhteşem bayıldım 😍♥♥♥♥🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷💎💎💎💎

    16. Rfphy Nvrro


    17. Evelyn García

      ARGENTINA, yesss

    18. Warren Janer

      It's Like WoW. Bailey and the Black guy killed it. They really killed it.. I wish I can Dance with them.

    19. Sharma Rohini

      3:05 that man was great wow his moves 👌👌👌so cool I want to learn some steps from him

    20. free fire

      I Love you

    21. free fire


    22. lu parnenzini

      Cómo se llama la chica que tiene la remera de Argentina?

    23. Kaleb Davis

      8:01 girl on the left KILLED it

    24. calipso one

      la petite elle dance tres bien

    25. Asmr ComedyQueen

      the black guy scared me

    26. Khalid Mehmood

      Wow wow

    27. hania malik

      can u give an asnwer plz aaa this flexibility comes..... all of u eat rubbers

    28. Sel Walia

      0:53 best part!!

    29. Lizi Inasaridze

      This is not original music and i can't dance

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      This is a Japanese dance! br-new.com/online/video-U4k8AjHlf38.html

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    33. Sinan Muhammed

      I like this song

    34. Aranielle Benny

      Army made my pores raised... That is a passionate dancer 😍❤️💕

    35. Rakhi Sardar

      So nice

    36. lizkook shipper

      The girl work the red pants and black crop shirt is too good also everyone is amazing

    37. Kanhiya Sharma

      Hii bro nice dance

    38. Ivan Petrov

      You best

    39. bangla gaming gaming

      4:56 Nice video for yes

    40. bangla gaming gaming

      Nice video

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      Cool men

    42. Ramin Ahmed

      The second duet was a mini Selena and cardi B

    43. Suyog Gautam

      Well done by the way in which country you live

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      0:46 and 0:53 the girl rocks they both were best among them 😊😊😊😊incredible dance performance on my favourite song 😊😊😊😇😇😯😉😉

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