Wakey Wakey...

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    1. DanFire Flare

      Cool but I just want to say. O N o E h E R e W E g O e

    2. Mr. MP-08

      I thought that duck guy turn into boiling ball

    3. voidvoyager

      Whatch this turn into an actual seasame street thing XD

    4. Anle Nya

      I'm impressioned... 2019?

    5. DominicPlayz

      I wonder what will happen

    6. Sally bolbol

      When is this actually coming out

    7. ;FoxBøy

      To wait another 7 months.

    8. Samuel Skinner-Inchley

      Pls make more and like a drawn animation

    9. Creeper_ Girl007


    10. ShadowPixel


    11. juliaPKgames

      Someone can say me this music name?

    12. seth loves coffee EPP

      Let's get naked and dirty wile watching the yellow guy

    13. Divya Ramoutar

      WHERE IS IT!!!! IT'S 2019

    14. KittyChanIsHere :3

      0:13 *WHAT* *WHAT DID THEY DO TO HIM?!*

    15. Pilar Montaño


    16. MeItinq Rose

      *Suddenly becomes a Hulu original*

    17. Random Channel


    18. Asherbee 4

      It needs to be released

    19. toptrump14

      Surely I’m not the only one who’s pissed off that they haven’t released it yet 🤷🏼‍♂️

    20. Wowwowowowowowowowowowow WOW!!!

      Wakey Wakey...

    21. Huck Wheatley

      This makes my head hurt so bad I expect it to just blow up with confetti

    22. Huck Wheatley

      If Internet videos like this had a competition in uno DHMIS just got a +4 card

    23. Huck Wheatley

      Why... That marble itself sacred the absolute crap out of me

    24. T- Series

      Atleast there bringing it back

    25. Salty Gamer

      It's been 5 damn months

      1. ThatOneSawyer

        Salty Gamer calm down

    26. ink bendy

      OH COME ON!!!

    27. RaAptor Zolomoon


    28. Liina The Cheetah

      I cant belive it ITS BACK OMG

    29. Emma McCormack

      What did I stumble upon now e.e

    30. Emma McCormack

      UH OH

    31. The Fett

      *Looks like someone is having a bad dream*

    32. minsugakookie

      Hurry up and make this I CAN'T WAAAIT

    33. The Robloxians roblox Minecraft and memes and More

      Lol I saw this on my notifications a few months ago I’m like holy shi#

    34. Goodfella Goodfella

      At least now we know that the member berry looking thing at the end is the mayors special bowling ball

    35. Peaches

      There's no Release date because That Sounds Really Boring

    36. Scratch cat Travers family

      What’s ur favorite idea?

    37. Scp 049

      I'm Love DHMIS is my favorite serie really i'm love DHMIS WAKEY WAKEY

    38. ZinC Podzzz

      Dang still hasn’t happened yet. IM AWAKE, GUYS!!!!

    39. -cosas Random-


    40. Ralseiisscaredof Jevil


    41. CoPy ANd PaSTe

      its been months and this project has gone know were I think dont hug me im scared will have a ending or the rest of the story

    42. LittleArmyNut

      Yall...who else watched super deluxe before this came out and is so hyped that both of them are teaming up?

    43. Salty Lad

      Wish this was a full length song love the sound on this

    44. Diego McMinn

      so like are we gonna get dhmis 7

    45. Anime furry fighter

      ima shoe this to my baby sis

    46. Superplush 360

      When is it comping out

    47. Spuddyman2018

      Is it just me .. or is that the memory book from Dhmis episode 6, underneath the table at 0:09 ??

    48. Julian Vega

      This would probably be June 20th, since in DHMIS 6, it ended with the day being June 20th.

    49. Samuel Skinner-Inchley

      Which episode is 0:09

      1. Antonio M

        Darude sandstorm

    50. Harambae

      I want this to be played at my funeral or like all the dhmis songs

    51. GenericZelda Fan

      Top 10 anime reuninons

    52. Mr.Checkers

      The future doesnt exists

    53. Cris Martínez Latonda

      The first letters at the end are “o, i, m, c, g” put them in order and they spell “coming”

    54. josiah mccusker

      Well my childhood ruined.

    55. Hank Curry

      The puppets are back

    56. Principal Skinner

      Even got new salad fingers before this.

    57. Rapolas Pleskovas

      Ok its happening! Everybody fucking calm down! 🚨🚨🚨

    58. DarkDragon 771

      No.... please no....

    59. Symokado

      Wer ist auch von cpp?

    60. Carrie Lawson

      Dose it release at June 19th

    61. Rylee Thompson

      Release Date: June 19th, 2019

    62. Rylee Thompson

      *Wakey Wakey...*

    63. Rylee Thompson

      *Film Theory has joined the chat.*

    64. Dont Ask


    65. its.alexa


    66. shaune and clyde

      iam so exited

    67. aries bencel cardoza

      Well Thise is a movie for DHMIS huh the final Episode DHMIS 7 The Finale

    68. shaune and clyde


    69. sportekmaster games

      the legends its coming

    70. Fre sh a voca do

      Mamma Mia... here we go again

    71. HAHAHA

      where is it? it's 2019

    72. Joshua Marriott

      If you pause at 0.12 you will see a badge that says *38 today* but in the rest of the episodes they are just kids. So this has to be set in the future. But this cannot be because in episode 6, they all got to be the colours they chose, but in this, they are all their normal colours. So was episode 6 a figment of their imagination for moving on or am I just paying too much attention to detail?

    73. Joshua Marriott

      Guys. Why are they normally coloured? They chose there own colours at the end of episode 6. Does this mean this episode was set before the end? When was this set?

    74. Decall Gamer TV

      there is gonna be a new 1?

    75. Phoenix Williams


    76. — mAnY dOoRs ED bOy!! —

      Who else keeps coming back to check if the new episodes have come? Like it’s been 5 months already DAM IT, hurry up already 😂

      1. — mAnY dOoRs ED bOy!! —

        Carrie Lawson aaaaah it’s to loooooooong😩 but It will be worth it 😁 Let the terrifying and confusing nightmares happen again

      2. Carrie Lawson

        I keep checking I think it comes out June 19th 2019

    77. Надежда Грачева

      Ааааааа сколько можно уже ждать!😬😡😬😡😠😠😤



    79. Canadian Tapezoid

      Half a year later and still nothing

    80. Vanessa Walker

      Is this song from somewhere else? And if it is can you drop the name of it lol

    81. Aidan Simpson

      Oh boy...

    82. Nico Nicole :3

      0:09 if you pause you can see Tony the clock, You see yellow guy's painting from dhmis 1 on the wall too.

    83. Phillip Alcorn

      Looking forward to it!!!!

    84. Panda Productions

      When you pause the video to analyze the trailer frame to frame I have no life do i

    85. LPShub

      We’ve been awake for 5 months now, how much longer do you want us to wait

    86. Im a Chicken Nugget

      MatPat: Hold my beer.

    87. Rainbows and Lava

      So I read about it, it’s not fricked up like it usually is, but it’s like more of a comedy now, but like this time it’s like WRONG ya know what I’m saying

    88. G0D

      oh i member!

    89. mr jero

      I've heard theories that don't hug me im scared is going to be on tv so I wanted to say that if you are going to be alone on tv or also on yootube please reply and I hope it will continue on youtube: '(

    90. Wallace Bell


    91. natepatrick689

      please pinned a release date please please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!

    92. Link

      What music

    93. OwenDoesStuff

      if somebody could make a loop/remix of the song used in this trailer I would watch that for hours the music used in this is just MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    94. GavinGaviny

      Lets go there back

    95. Fabiolli :D

      Continue this

    96. ferdybala guiso

      Será que vai voltar ???

    97. The Biscuit Connoisseur

      June 19 2019

      1. The Biscuit Connoisseur

        +Doctor Who Religion its fathers day

      2. Doctor Who Religion

        How do you know?

    98. Bryan Herrera

      0:10 beautiful

    99. andre gribble

      More hype than Smash Ultimate

      1. Badenxx Baden

        enjoy waiting bcz is never coming to yt

    100. Lol .